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9 MarTech events in the US you should not miss in 2022

May 17, 2022

MarTech - short for marketing technologies - are tools that support all areas of marketing. With increasing digitization, their relevance in everyday business is growing. MarTech tools help with content planning, implementation of SEO, content management, campaign evaluation and optimization.

The number of existing tools is in the high four-digit range. So, before you decide on a new tool for your MarTech stack, you must do some research. What better way to do that than with a MarTech event? There you can clarify your questions and collect further information. Which tool fits my existing stack? Does a tool have all the features I need? What are the trends?

In-person MarTech events to attend in the US in 2022

Events about digital marketing do not necessarily include MarTech in their agendas, even though there are many tools to make a marketer’s life easier. Every year, many new tools join the market. Companies introduce them during events, fairs, conferences, and exhibitions. Tools that were top-rated just a short while ago, might already have to make place for new ones that consider new social media algorithms for example.


TECHSPO – 11.-12. July 2022, Los Angeles, California

MarTech Event techspo US 2022Source: Techspo

Los Angeles is just one example for this particular MarTech event – Techspo events happen all over the US. Theory and inspiration are the main drive for DigiMarCon West, whereas Techspo puts their focus on showcasing new MarTech, AdTech, and SaaS technology, and providing testing opportunities for new technologies. A good portion of the event’s agenda is either networking or technology training sessions.

It is a desirable event for students and professionals such as marketers, business developers, founders and business owners, brand experts, and web project managers But really the event seems interesting for anyone whose job relies on technology and customer interaction.


Strategic Marketing – 1.-2. June 2022, San Diego, California

MarTech event strategic marketing US 2022Source: Strategic Marketing

This year’s agenda of the Strategic Marketing Summit centers on MarTech tools and strategies to deepen connections with customers, as well as optimizing marketing for current and future trends. It is the largest event of its kind and will take place under the theme of “Redefining the Consumer-Brand Relationship: Personal, Meaningful, Purpose-Driven.” 50 leading marketing virtuosos are confirmed as speakers and will share their experiences and ideas, including experts from the companies Fender, intel, EA, Sephora, indeed, and Kohl’s.

The conference focuses on data analysis and marketing optimization and improving customer experience. Interesting in terms of MarTech are the following two keynote presentations, which both take place on the first day of the event.

  • “Futureproof your Customer Engagement Strategy: Adapt, Personalize and Innovate.” On June 1st 09:00 PDT
  • “The Path to Precision in 2022: Optimizing Your Org Structure, Strategy and Technologies” By Deb Wolf from Integrate, On June 1st 10:00 PDT

Most of the data-focused presentations are interesting to MarTech experts as well, as the trend for 2022 predicts data security and personalization as key topics. Companies face a big challenge making the customer feel like their data is safe with you. The Strategic Marketing Summit is a good event to exchange tactics with fellow experts.

Marketing automation also plays a big in marketing technologies. But most marketing automation tends to address customer-oriented strategies instead of how to increase efficiency for their marketing teams. For your convenience, we have created an overview for marketing automation.


Hybrid MarTech events to attend from the US 2022


MozCon – 11.-13. July 2022, Seattle, Washington

MarTech Event US 2022 MozConSource: MozCon

With summer camp as this year’s theme, MarTech event MozCon returns in person this summer. Networking plays a big role in this event. There are welcome and closing parties and of course networking opportunities and activities throughout, which provide opportunities to exchange ideas with speakers and peers.

This year’s lineup includes communication and marketing experts from companies like Wix, Uber, Papier, Stacker Studio, and Dialpad, to name a few examples.

Besides the in-person tickets, livestream tickets are available. MozCon will also edit the streams and make them available as on-demand content.

Digital Summit Atlanta – 19.-20. July 2022, Atlanta, Georgia

MarTech Event US digital Summit

Source: Digital Summit

This MarTech event includes workshops, sessions, and masterclasses to sharpen marketers’ skillsets so they can adapt to the ever-evolving digital environment. The summit has hosted speakers and marketing experts from companies like Disney, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. It is not limited to Atlanta and takes place in cities all over the US.

There will be an exhibition area where MarTech vendors introduce their solutions for all facets of online marketing. More than 15,000 attendees are expected this year, either in person or digitally. Professionals who usually attend include:

  • Digital-/ E-Mail-/ Social Media- and Product- Marketers
  • CEO’s/Founders
  • Creative Directors
  • Product Managers


DigiMarCon – 07.-08. July 2022, Washington DC

MarTech Event US DigiMarConSource: DigiMarCon

Here, participants will encounter the latest AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS technologies. The conference will focus on digital marketing best practices, current trends, solutions, strategies, and networking. No specific speakers have been announced yet. In past years, experts from companies such as Adobe, Airbnb, Facebook, Ford, LinkedIn, PayPal, Starbucks Coffee, and Spotify have attended. The event can be attended both online and in-person. This year, the conference will cover topics such as:

  • Behavioral & Neuromarketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Personalization & Privacy
  • Sales & Marketing Automation


InBound – 06.-09. September 2022, Boston, Massachusetts

MarTech Event US 2022 Inbound
Source: Inbound

2022 marks the first year that this conference – sponsored by MarTech giant Hubspot – is hosted as a hybrid event. People from over 161 countries will attend and exchange their thoughts on topics regarding sales, customer success, revenue operation and of course marketing technology. In 2021 it featured many interesting keynote presentations and case studies which are still available for ticket holders as on-demand streams, on topics like:

  • “Case Study: Making the Big Switch: The Blueprint to Adopting a New CRM Across Your Organization” by Frank Loughan and Kari Fairbanks
  • “Case Study: How Using a Full CRM Enables Teams and Drives Revenue Growth” By Adriano Brito and Joao Dobbin
  • “How to Drive Impact with Marketing Data and Analytics” by Caitlin Clark-Zigmond
  • “Debate: The Epic Debate of Booking Demos – Long Live Forms! Or All Hail Chatbots?” by Amanda Bagley and Ken Marshall


Globally visitable digital MarTech events not to miss in 2022


The MarTech Conference – 28.-29. September 2022

MarTech event conference USSource: MarTech Conference

With Marketing Automation, one of the main topics of this conference is MarTech. The conference attaches great importance to the educational aspect of its sessions and acts strongly against any attempts to only advertise own tools. Where such an attempt is obvious, you must set out good arguments in your application as a speaker.

This year topics will include:

  • Agile marketing
  • Customer data/personalization
  • Digital asset management
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing performance management

The conference will take place exclusively online. It can be attended as a live stream, and all content will also be available on-demand afterwards. Also noteworthy about the conference and its content? They are absolutely free!



MarTech Event US RampUp

Source: RampUp!

While this MarTech event took place from February 28 to March 1, 2022, the organizers have made the discussions and lectures available on-demand. The event hosted more than 90 speakers, all experts in marketing and media. Speakers included Christopher Park, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft; Chris Hawk, Media Strategy and Investment Performance Director at Papa Johns; Anil Charavarthy who is President of digital experience business at Adobe; Aneesh Raman, Head of Strategic Communications at LinkedIn; Carrie Tharp of Google Inc.; Travis Scoles of Paramount; Christina Shareef of Reddit; to name only very few of the speakers.

Especially relevant for anyone interested in MarTech is the session with Joe Stanhope, Andrew Richardson, Vanessa Diaz, and Rochelle Seidener titled “Move beyond marketing to optimize your tech stack”.


Marketing Technology Expo – 22.-23. November 2022

Marketing Technology Expo 2022Source: Marketing Technology Expo

The great thing about globalization is the opportunity for worldwide communication of MarTech trends. The Marketing Technology Expo takes place in London, UK, but lectures are globally available for on demand streaming.

This conference’s stages are divided by topics. For example, in 2021 there was a stage called Marketing Technology Theater, sponsored by Cognism. The other main topics of the event included data organization and analyzation, ad optimization, B2B marketing, and content strategy. For MarTech-interested people talks like the following are available for streaming:

  • “Using Marketing Automation to Generate Leads & Boost ROI” by James Skellington from Force24
  • “How to save a week’s worth of work with marketing automation” by John Hughes and Lucile Riviere from and sponsored by the company Plezi
  • “The unguided to Marketing Automation” by Kenda Macdonald, CEO of company Automation Ninjas
  • “Why aligning scalable CRM and powerful marketing automation software makes for a winning yet simple digital strategy in today’s data driven world” by Rocket CRM’s Natalie Silva and ClickDimensions Suneel Buggal



empower® for content creation and enablement

Do these MarTech events not interest you? Or are you just looking for a solution that supports you in Microsoft Office? empower® is the MarTech tool for simple and efficient content creation and content enablement in Microsoft Office. Numerous productivity tools support your team in content creation. You can also share your documents company-wide with a few clicks and collaborate on your content. A central Library helps you maintain an overview of your documents and ensures that only up-to-date and consistent content is used.

Learn more about our Microsoft solution and contact us.

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