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Cliparts in PowerPoint: Outdated or up to date again?

Til Streitbörger
October 31, 2019

How about cliparts in your next PowerPoint presentation as a varied way to spice up your presentation. Some might think that cliparts are outdated - but that's not the case. Cliparts are still up to date today, very popular and can contribute to an expressive design of your presentation. In this article we show you how you can use cliparts in your next presentation.


A definition:

Cliparts experienced their climax in the 90s, which is also the reason for the often dusty association of illustrations. Cliparts are often created in comic or cartoon style. Originally, cliparts were images that were cut out of print works and then reused for another project. This process was digitized with the help of computers. Today the term is equated with any illustration, but not with stock photography.

clipart from the 90s clipart from the 90s


modern clipart modern clipart


stock photography stock photography



Image instead of text - 2020 a clear trend

Modern presentations increasingly dispense with text content. These are replaced by image content. Reason for it: Studies prove again and again that pictures can provide up to 80% more attention. With the help of cliparts a lot of text can be saved, because they make clear with only one view, around which it concerns. Thus it is possible that the attention of your public is not lost also with the switching of connections and numbers.

Find out here what you should not miss in PowerPoint in 2020.


Cliparts can be found here:

Nowadays there are many sources for illustrations. Illustrations can be found at commercial providers such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (then Fotolia), etc. They offer a wide range of illustrations with license agreements. But there are also many pages with free illustrations. A nice example of a site with modern cliparts is undraw.co. This site provides free cliparts that can be searched thematically and adapted to your own primary color.

clip art up to dateclip art modern


Clip Arts in PowerPoint - no longer available internally since Office 2013

All PowerPoint versions from 2013 offer three possibilities to integrate cliparts into presentations. Since Office 2013, cliparts are no longer stored in an internal library in PowerPoint, but can only be integrated into PowerPoint in three ways:

1. via Bing-Online-Search

2. Icons in PowerPoint

3. with a PowerPoint Add-in like empower®slides


1st possibility: Bing search (only possible with Internet access):

1. select in the ribbon under "Insert", "Online Pictures".

online pictures powerpoint

2. click in the search field and enter a search term.

3. confirm with Enter.

4. To limit the search to clip art, click on the filter icon and select "Type", "Clip Art".

clipart powerpoint

5. If the presentation is to be published, select "Creative Commons only" next to the filter icon.

6. Select one of the displayed cliparts and paste it using the "Insert" button.


2nd option: Icons

PowerPoint offers the possibility to integrate icons into your presentations. These offer the possibility to visualize presentations as well as cliparts. However, this option can only be used by Office 365 users.

The vector graphics can be found under "Insert" and "Icons".

insert icon in powerpoint

A PowerPoint internal library opens, from which you can select and filter various icons.

icon library powerpoint

Choose an icon and integrate it in your presentation with "Insert".


3rd option: empower® slides

The PowerPoint Add-In integrates itself into PowerPoint via its own ribbon.

You have direct access to the company-wide template library in the ribbon.

Any authorized user can access the template library at any time. You have the possibility to store symbols & graphics as well as cliparts directly in PowerPoint, without constantly having to search online for new graphics. These are in accordance with the corporate design of your company and have the necessary image rights.

We will be happy to show you all the advantages of the empower® library in a personal demo or you can test empower® slides yourself free of charge.

More information and the free trial version of empower® slides can be found here.

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