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Insert a video in PowerPoint - works like this!

Til Streitbörger
November 21, 2019

How do I actually insert a video in PowerPoint? This is the question that divides the spirits. PowerPoint provides different ways to insert videos. The most common error is that online videos are included that cannot be played at the time of presentation without an existing Internet connection. To avoid this problem, we will show you in a step-by-step guide how to integrate a video into PowerPoint without having to rely on an Internet connection during the presentation. In this article you will also find a method to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint using an embed code.


We recommend these two methods for inserting a video in PowerPoint:

#1 Insert saved video

#2 Insert YouTube video


#1 Insert saved video in PowerPoint

For this method, you must download a video in advance. In this way, you can ensure that your video can be played in PowerPoint in any case, even without an existing Internet connection.  Therefore, this method is considered the safest and most reliable.

  1. Click on "Insert video" in the content field.video in powerpoint

  2. Alternatively, you can click on "Video" under "Insert" in the ribbon.video in powerpoint

  3. Select the desired video and insert it with "Insert".

  4. Now you have the possibility to scale the video and apply animations and effects.


#2 Insert YouTube video

YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, so it is very likely that you will want to include a YouTube video in PowerPoint. This is also possible in PowerPoint, but this method requires an existing Internet connection to play the video.

First, go to YouTube and open the video you want to insert.

  1. Click "Share" and "Embed" below the video.youtube video powerpointembed video powerpoint

  2. copy the embed code that is displayed.
    embed code youtube

  3. in PowerPoint, under "Paste", click "Video" and select "Online Video".embed video powerpoint

  4. Insert the embed code to the right of the option with the same name.

  5. enter to confirm .

Of course you can also download a YouTube video for private use and embed it in PowerPoint using the 1st method. Legally unobjectionable this is however only as long as it concerns a private copy. If you want to put a company presentation with a YouTube video online, you should clarify this beforehand. Nevertheless, we have a way for you to integrate videos into PowerPoint with just a few clicks and a license.


PowerPoint Add-in as an alternative

Another exciting alternative is the PowerPoint Add-in empower® slides. Among other things, the add-in offers a corporate library integrated into PowerPoint. In this library, videos, slides, images and diagrams can be easily stored and integrated into any presentation by drag & drop. The content is stored in the library under license and can be published accordingly.

We would be happy to show you concrete examples in an incomparable live demo. Learn more about empower® slides here.

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