people from our company - Victor Rodriguez

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July 29, 2019

In our monthly section "people from our company" you will get to know the empower® team. Our employees introduce themselves and talk about their beginnings, their everyday work and everything they have to say about themselves. This month you will get to know our business developer Victor Rodriguez.

people from our company - Victor Rodriguez
"I joined empower® back in 2015. With my background in MarTech I’ve been tasked with growing empower® here in the US. How did you hear of empower®? I contactedempower® to introduce empower® to a colleague that was in need of a PowerPoint slide library. I was very impressed with the empower® Slides feature set and was able to see firsthand the “wow” factor that the software gave to people who saw it in action.

Two years later I joined this innovative company with my own office in the USA. I keep my workspace simple and functional- coffee, pen, lamp, big monitor, laptop, and a scanner. My wife says I need a plant. After working in multiple time zones and hopefully closing 2 deals and having 3 demos, the perfect workday ends with me putting on my slim backpack and commuting home on a Jump bike."

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