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The digital workplace solution for MS Office

Strengthen efficiency and collaboration in your company

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With more than 2.5 million users, empower® is the most used software suite for Microsoft Office.


Challenges in Microsoft Office

Microsoft 365 provides the foundation for a successful enterprise digital workplace, but it has gaps in productivity and collaboration. Knowledge sharing and template delivery are inefficient. Time-consuming tasks such as formatting and searching affect the efficiency of the entire organization. User-friendliness falls by the wayside and there is no connection to existing CMS systems.

bad Microsoft Office structure
Template library

Data exchange is not efficient

Files can be stored in Teams or SharePoint, but this often leads to data chaos. Different versions of templates, documents, and slides are created. Your colleagues quickly lose track and spend hours searching for the right content.

CMS Sytsems

CMS systems are not integrated with Office

Your CMS systems such as DAM or PIM are not integrated in Office. Your colleagues can only use the content with cumbersome workflows. In addition, there is no synchronization of data. This poses the risk that your colleagues will use outdated information.

Productivity lost

Productivity is lost in Office

In our Office study, conducted by Nielsen, we identified the biggest time wasters in Office. Around 30% of time is spent formatting documents alone. Searching for content is another productivity enemy. Your colleagues lose valuable time in Office that is not available for their actual tasks.

For a future-proof Digital Workplace with Microsoft Office

Template Library

Exchange data efficiently

In empower®, your colleagues can provide company-wide templates at the touch of a button. Content can be easily shared in a central library directly in Office. Your colleagues benefit from the entire company’s knowledge. Update content for everyone with one click.

Digital workplace solution for MS Office
CMS integration Office

Integrate CMS systems with Office

empower® combines your CMS systems such as DAM and PIM into one platform and makes the content available directly in Microsoft Office. Enable your colleagues to use all content without cumbersome workflows. All data is automatically synchronized and remains up-to-date at all times.

increase productivity

Increase productivity in Office

empower® increases the productivity of your colleagues by 22% by counteracting the biggest time wasters in the office. Using Google-like search, find the right content in seconds. Other productivity tools allow your colleagues to format and create documents in no time.

productivity in office

Success stories from our customers

Companies like Merck, Siemens, and RTL have successfully and efficiently designed their digital workplace in Microsoft Office with empower®.


  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Accelerated productivity when creating documents
  • Enhanced collaboration within the company
Template library

Central library

Share and update templates and content across the organization with all colleagues


Cloud or on-premise

For the highest level of data security, hosting is available on-premise or in your own cloud


Mac client

Native Mac client for cross-platform collaboration in PowerPoint

Microsoft Teams

Teams app

All templates, presentations, slides, and images available directly in Microsoft Teams


CMS integration

Integrate your CMS systems like DAM and PIM with empower® in Office

Office Online

Office Online

All PowerPoint content also available in the online web add-in and quickly findable

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

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