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The sales enablement solution for MS Office

The right content, at the right time, in the right place

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With more than 3 million users, empower® is the most used software suite for Microsoft Office.


The challenges of Microsoft Office

Do you want to help your sales force communicate effectively, efficiently, and according to your brand? The challenge in Microsoft Office is to distribute your written materials to all your colleagues and make sure they use them. Otherwise, your colleagues waste a lot of time finding the right content, use outdated information, or create documents themselves that don't match your brand. Customer communication suffers and the consequences can affect the overall success of the company.

Sales enablement solution for MS Office
search for slides

Lengthy search for current slides

According to our Office study, conducted with Nielsen, searching for content in Office is one of the biggest time wasters. Your sales colleagues lose hours finding the right presentations, documents, images, or email templates? That valuable time is better used communicating with customers and closing deals.

outdated information

Outdated information

Not only is a lot of time wasted trying to find the right content, the search is usually not very successful either. Often, people use outdated documents with information that no longer corresponds to the truth. This can have fatal consequences, because with false information you quickly lose the trust of the customer.

design guidelines

Design guidelines are not followed

In our office study, we found that one out of every two documents is not design compliant. When sales colleagues send presentations, documents, or emails to customers that don't meet your design guidelines, your brand perception is put at risk.

Everything you need for successful sales enablement

Template Library

Provide content centrally

Manage all documents, presentations, slides, or images in a company-wide library. Your colleagues can access all content directly in Microsoft Office and via the empower® Teams app at any time. Google-like search makes it easy to find the right content in seconds.

Teams App
update content
update content with one click

Update content with one click

You can update content for the entire company at the click of a button. Distribute changes to a slide used in many presentations with one click. Ensure that only up-to-date information and content goes out to your customers.

control over your brand

Gain control over your brand

With empower®, all content is already available to your colleagues in the correct design. In addition, your style guide is translated directly into Office and the design guidelines are integrated in the form of font and color pickers. The design check also ensures that all documents conform to your brand.

templates and design check

Sales enablement at Siemens

Siemens uses empower® to make creating sales presentations more efficient and effective. Several hundred authors create over 100,000 slides that are used by more than 30,000 users.


  • Learn empower® in a single 1-hour workshop
  • Create presentations faster and more consistently
  • Ensure compliance with design guidelines
Template library

Central library

Share and update templates and content across the organization with all colleagues



Find the right slides, presentations, and documents in seconds

Design Check

Design Check

Check Office documents and apply corporate design automatically

Microsoft Teams

Teams app

All templates, presentations, slides, and images available directly in Microsoft Teams



All images from your DAM system directly available in Office



Update content for the entire company with one click

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

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