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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

empower® is a software suite for Microsoft 365 that empowers everyone in your organization to easily create brand-compliant Office documents in no time!


The reality in today's corporate world

Employees waste a significant amount of time searching for and creating Office documents.



However, the resulting Office documents often contain outdated content, look unprofessional and do not comply with brand guidelines.


*Source: The Ultimate Global Office Study from empower conducted by Nielsen Research in 2020.

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With empower®, everyone can create professional documents in no time

empower® is a software suite designed for Microsoft 365. It consists of four solutions that support the entire Office document creation and distribution process. They can be used separately, but most clients use the entire empower® Suite to maximize productivity and brand compliance.


Brand Control

Microsoft Office documents
that accurately reflect your brand


Content Creation

Design compelling presentations
with ease


Content Enablement

Enable your team to
find the right content instantly


Document Automation

Go from draft to
polished document in no time

Did you know?

One suite to replace all your add-ins

With empower®, you can simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by eliminating all other add-ins. Your benefits: less complexity and lower costs, while providing your users with best-in-class functionality.


Your enterprise with empower®

Save tons of hours searching for and creating Office documents – guaranteed.


Your organization's Office documents will look more professional and branded.


*Source: This data is not based on surveys or paid market research, but based on actual telemetry data from hundreds of thousands of users.

Our mission at empower

We believe that professional documents create trust: Trust in your own work, trust in your brand and trust in your company!

That is why we developed empower® – an extension for Microsoft Office. With empower®, even inexperienced users can create professional documents that are brand-compliant, error-free and visually appealing. Easy as pie and in no time at all.

empower® solves the conflict between brand compliance and productivity that users often face when working with Microsoft Office. It combines both, making it easier to work brand-compliantly.

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.