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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

Transform Your Content Experience...

Instead of painstakingly creating a correct document, users often complete the unpleasant task as efficiently as possible.
With Google, you can find up-to-date information in seconds. Why can't you do that just as easily within your company?

Wasting Time?

  • Having trouble with file organization?
  • Content scattered across different platforms and folders?
  • Irrelevant or outdated content cluttering up your search results?


  • Are outdated documents damaging your reputation?
  • Numerous versions of content circulating in the company?
  • Constantly recreating documents because you can't find the latest version?

Lost in Complexity?

  • Need to streamline the creation of proposals, contracts, and presentations
  • Confident that documents are accurate and reliable?
  • Errors in company documents a potential liability?

Can You Trust Your Materials?

Updating content is a nightmare when multiple versions live in scattered locations. This creates document chaos, wastes time, and increases the risk of using outdated information throughout your organization.

Without the right tools, employees struggle to find the latest content and to create professionally formatted documents. This hurts efficiency and undermines your company's image.


Find and assemble the right document in no time

With empower®, users always find up-to-date content and never again have to choose between efficiency and quality.

Find anything in seconds

Quickly locate the training materials, sales documents, and marketing collateral you need without the usual hassle. With empower® Content Enablement, forget about endless scrolling or looking through massive presentations. Find the specific slide or Office document you need in an instant. It’s just like using Google search!

Always work with the latest content

empower® automatically checks if content is up-to-date whenever colleagues open a file. If a newer version exists, content is quickly synced, eliminating the risk of spreading misinformation.


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Updated content in PowerPoint

Document Automation

Automate document assembly to save time and eliminate errors. Craft professional proposals, contracts, and presentations with ease – simply fill out a form and our software does the rest. It's easy… just select your template and fill in the blanks!

Did you know?

One suite to replace many add-ins

Simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by replacing many other add-ins with empower®. The result? Reduced complexity, lower costs, and access to first-class functionality for your users.

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The Business Case for empower®

  • 48% of Office documents are based on existing content, yet 58% of Microsoft 365 users waste time searching for files and updating information.
  • Our Global Office study conducted by Nielsen Research shows that companies with 500+ employees see a guaranteed 10x ROI or higher with empower®.

Unleash the power of AI with empower®

Our empower® AI Assistant harnesses the power of Azure OpenAI to generate professional documents within PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook – all while prioritizing data security. Easy to use, it empowers everyone in your organization to leverage AI in their daily work.


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Why our customers love empower®

“The best feedback I've gotten is from former colleagues who say they don't know how to create presentations without empower® anymore.”
Frederik Horst
Senior Marketing Manager, Mediengruppe RTL
"We are very satisfied with empower® as the solution is very stable. There are many empower® supporters in the larger management group."

RTL successfully makes sales and content enablement easy with empower®

RTL successfully makes sales and content enablement easy with empower®


Germany's leading TV channel and video content producer RTL wanted to improve brand compliance and ensure that all content used is up-to-date. The challenge: enable the marketing team to provide their sales colleagues with the right content and ensure brand compliant presentations.


RTL implemented empower® to enable teams to consume content through a central library. Slide links automatically update content. Brand guidelines are integrated by empower® directly in PowerPoint with font and color pickers and a Design Check.


Marketing easily provides content to the sales department, which has access to the latest slides and presentations at any time. All content is always up-to-date. empower® ensures brand consistency and improves brand appearance.

Microsoft is always up-to-date and highly organized with empower®

Microsoft is always up-to-date and highly organized with empower®


As with all global software companies, Microsoft creates a huge amount of training material using PowerPoint. But how to manage thousands of presentations in multiple languages and keep them up-to-date?


With empower®, Microsoft has found the perfect answer for professional slide management. The users have access to the central empower® Library with its automated update functions. Translated versions in multiple languages can also be managed with a few clicks.


empower® enables Microsoft to optimize organizing their training material. empower® puts an end to manual updates, time-consuming change tracking, and complex version management and thus frees up time for more essential things.

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  • How does the empower® library work?
  • How do you connect Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint?
  • Get to know our web library and learn how to keep documents up to date through updates.
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