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Enable users to find the right content instantly

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With more than 2.5 million users, empower® is the most used software suite for Microsoft Office.


Frustrated by the constant slide search?

Most organizations have a myriad of content located in a wide variety of locations. Finding the right content is a real time-waster for employees. Nobody knows where content is located and whether it is up-to-date. 


Where can I find this slide again?

Looking for content you’ve seen before but aren’t sure where? Data chaos across countless applications and network drives is like a labyrinth with no way out? 


Is this the latest version? Really?

When people find the content they’re looking for, it’s often outdated. After cumbersome research, they manually update the content. However, there are still numerous outdated versions of this content circulating in the company.

Why is that?

Keeping all content up to date is impossible because many versions exist in different places.

And when different versions of the same content are stored everywhere, document chaos is the result.

Frustrated man in the office

Tired of steadily reinventing the wheel?

Isn’t it frustrating that it can take hours to find content that’s often outdated? Even worse, you can end up having to reinvent the wheel by updating existing content or creating it from scratch.

With Google, you can find up-to-date information in seconds. Why can't you do that just as easily within your company?

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How much inefficiency can you afford?

Finding the right content takes an enormous amount of time. While employees waste time digging through a jungle of content and updating it, they’re not adding value to your business.

In the worst case scenario, users don’t even realize they’re using outdated content. The risk of spreading misinformation and causing damage is high. 

Make it easy for users to find the right content instantly




With empower® Content Enablement, users never again have to waste their time to find up-to-date content.

Integrated into Office 365

Integrated into Microsoft Office 365

When people create Office documents, they shouldn’t have to leave the application to search for existing content. It must be accessible directly inside Microsoft 365, integrated into their workflow.

The empower® Library integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and everyone’s workflow. It provides direct access to all PowerPoint, Word, and Excel assets: slides, presentations, documents, and spreadsheets.

A double click is all anyone needs to reuse up-to-date content.

Find content in seconds

Find anything​ in seconds just ​like with Google

People are accustomed to searching with Google. Searching for slides and documents across all file locations should feel like using Google: fast and relevant search results instantly!​

empower®  Content Enablement indexes locations where MS Office documents are typically stored.​

It enables users to find any Office content saved company-wide in seconds. No more browsing through presentations with hundreds of slides or endless Word documents to find the right slide or text block.

Always up-to-date content

Never use outdated content again

Updates need to happen automatically so manual update work and using outdated content are a thing of the past.​

When users open an existing file, empower® Content Enablement checks whether the content is still up-to-date. If not, the most recent content is automatically made available — done. ​

No more accidentally using outdated content. No more manually checking if the content is still current. The software takes care of that for the user.

Nielsen Global Office study for empower®

Business Case for empower® 

empower® users save 22% of their time creating presentations on average. According to our Global Office study performed by Nielsen Research, for companies with 500+ employees, this results in at least 10x ROI or higher when introducing empower®.

In addition, hardly any outdated content is inadvertently communicated to the outside world.

Microsoft is always up-to-date and highly organized with empower®

Testimonial for empower® by MicrosoftTestimonial for empower® by Microsoft


As with all global software companies, Microsoft creates a huge amount of training material using PowerPoint. But how to manage thousands of presentations in multiple languages and keep them up to date?


With empower®, Microsoft has found the perfect answer for professional slide management. The users have access to the central empower® Library with its automated update functions. Translated versions in multiple languages can also be managed with a few clicks.


empower® enables Microsoft to optimize organizing their training material. empower® puts an end to manual updates, time-consuming change tracking, and complex version management and thus frees up time for more essential things. 

RTL successfully makes sales and content enablement easy with empower®

Testimonial for empower by Mediengruppe RTL


Germany’s leading TV channel and video content producer RTL wanted to improve brand compliance and ensure that all content used is up-to-date. The challenge: enable the marketing team to provide their sales colleagues with the right content and ensure brand compliant presentations.


RTL implemented empower® to enable teams to consume content through a central library. Slide links automatically update content. Brand guidelines are integrated by empower® directly in PowerPoint with font and color pickers and a Design Check.


Marketing easily provides content to the sales department, which has access to the latest slides and presentations at any time. All content is always up-to-date. empower® ensures brand consistency and improves brand appearance.

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

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