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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

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We aspire to provide the best possible support. We aim to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. This is our goal: customer support in a class of its own!

If the problem concerns our software directly, we pass the issue to our developer team as quickly as possible. In order to continually optimize our service we confirm your satisfaction and whether you have any requests or suggestions for improvement after each case has been resolved.

Our support is always there for you. You can also reach out to our Help Center. It provides lots of know-how, how-to guides, advice, tips, videos, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Here you will also find all release notes as well as the roadmaps for all our products. Try the innovative search function in our Help Center to quickly locate a solution to your problem.

For more helpful insights, we recommend taking a look at our events page with many best practices, including free webinars. If you are already a customer and need individual support in using empower®, you can also apply for our new managed service.

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