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Our Mission

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Our Values

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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

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The Founders

The Founders

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Our Team

Our Team

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Our Mission

Microsoft Office is standard software in companies worldwide. Every day hundreds of millions of people use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook – even though they’ve never learned how to use those programs properly. They lose a lot of time, document quality falls far below what it should be, and most people just don’t like to use those programs. Working in MS Office is rarely the reason someone chooses a profession – it’s just a tool they use to do their job.

We at empower® know Office like the back of our hand. We’ve spent years, day and night, learning the Office apps’ strengths and weaknesses. We love Office. But out of the box it’s not ideal for every user or situation. After all, Office is designed for a broad variety of users, so one size doesn’t fit all. Companies have different requirements than independent authors. Global teams need different tools than private users. Corporate design teams face formatting and brand discipline challenges. Office’s complicated functionality can compete against clarity and relevance.

That's why we started to revolutionize daily life with MS Office in 2005. We develop solutions that enable people worldwide to work with Office more easily, consistently, and efficiently. Our mission is to help users get the best results quickly so they have time to focus on their professions and things that really matter.


Our Values

We’re our own strictest critics and motivators. We don’t settle for consistently working to a high standard – we want to push harder to get even better every day. That aspiration motivates us to remain the “gold standard” for Microsoft Office development worldwide.

Our clients – that means you – always deserve our highest priority and support. No matter whether during the sales process, implementation, or after acceptance. We love enthusiastic customers – that’s why we get up in the morning!

Facts & Figures

empower® is the world’s leading developer of Office solutions. From our headquarters in Cologne and offices in New York, London, Paris, and Zurich we support our customers around the world. Since our founding in 2005, we've been working to save time and money for our clients. We're proud of four numbers that keep growing:

> 2,000


> 3,500


> 100


Our Team

empower GmbH has over 100 employees. Our young, dynamic team is made up of both IT specialists and management experts. With that combination of talent, we can provide you with knowledgeable advice and implement your requirements with professional Office solutions.

team empower

The Founders

fabian willebrand

Fabian Willebrand

Executive board member
Fabian Willebrand studied computer science at the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart. In 2001 while still a student, he started his professional career with Alcatel.

Following the completion of his studies, Mr. Willebrand moved to Accenture GmbH where he supported customers as a business consultant for the banking and insurance sectors until 2009. During that time, Mr. Willebrand acquired a broad range of technical knowledge in strategic IT consulting.

At the same time as his employment with Accenture, he founded empower®  in Stuttgart in 2005 together with Stephan Kuhnert.

In the course of his professional career, he has applied for several patents in the area of software technology.

stephan kuhnert

Stephan Kuhnert

Executive board member
Stephan Kuhnert studied information systems at the Academy of Management and Economics in Stuttgart. In 2001 while still a student, he started his professional career with IBM Deutschland GmbH.

Following the completion of his studies in 2004, Mr. Kuhnert moved to Accenture GmbH where he supported customers as a business consultant for the pharmaceutical, retail, and consumer goods sectors until 2008. During that time, Mr. Kuhnert acquired a broad range of technical knowledge in strategic, process, and IT consulting.

At the same time as his employment with Accenture, he founded empower® in Stuttgart in 2005 together with Fabian Willebrand.

In addition, Mr. Kuhnert received an MBA in 2008 from INSEAD; his MBA studies took place in Paris and Singapore.


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