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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

empower® makes Microsoft Word easier, more efficient and brand compliant

Create correctly formatted, well-behaved, brand compliant documents in Microsoft Word quickly and easily. Start fresh with instantly searchable, up-to-date, approved content. Integrated with Word, at everyone’s fingertips. Efficiently manage the centralized Library from within Word itself. Always available, online and offline. On-premises or in the cloud.
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Companies often have thousands of Word templates that are hard to manage and maintain. empower® connects all your documents to dynamic templates and provides a Library to centrally manage them.

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Searching for existing text blocks and clauses is one of the biggest productivity enemies when working with Word. In empower® you can easily find predefined and up-to-date text elements to create your documents faster.

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brand compliant

Every second Word document doesn’t comply with design guidelines. With brand compliant Font and Color Pickers, you ensure that all your documents use the right format, fonts and colors.

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

easy word template management     easy


Manage all Word templates, documents, content effortlessly

empower® gives you complete control over your organization’s document production. Provide everyone with templates, clauses, and more from a central Library, directly within Word. Manage your content elements in empower® or integrate a third-party Digital Asset Management (DAM) system whatever you prefer. Insert appropriate letterheads and legal content automatically. Support any number of languages – users can switch locations and languages with a couple of clicks.  

A central Library for Templates, Clauses, Images – any standard Content 

Instantly distribute up-to-date content across your entire organization. Control access via Active Directory. empower® for Word provides the assets everyone needs, whenever they need them, always immediately accessible.



Legal Information always up-to-date

When legal information changes, such as business entities, locations, or members of the board, all templates automatically adapt and existing documents can be updated with just a few clicks.


Easily manage
user profiles

empower® pulls user-profile data from Active Directory. People can update their own empower® profile in MS Word. Profile information can be translated into different languages.

Asset Library    Asset library

The empower® Library provides convenient access to all document assets. With just a few clicks, authorized users can add elements to the Library directly within Word. 

Google-like Search    Google-like search

empower® includes a Google-like Search that covers all Library content including notes and metadata. A machine-learning algorithm ensures that the best search results appear up top, based on an analysis of the prominence, frequency, and position of the search term as well as each asset’s popularity.

Rights Management    Rights Management

empower® connects to Active Directory, Azure AD, and OKTA. Within empower® , you can assign rights to folders for individual users or entire groups. Four roles are available at the folder level: Reader, Author, Editor, and Administrator. An additional role, Corporate Design Admin, can manage all central settings such as corporate design rules.

Offline Availability    Offline Availability

empower® synchronizes either the entire Library or selected folders from the central database to everyone’s computer. People can quickly create and edit documents wherever they are – even when they’re on a plane or working somewhere with limited or no online connection. And empower® always runs fast and smooth thanks to its cached offline functionality.

Document Protection    Document Protection

With empower® you can protect templates and other assets so only authorized people can edit them. That reduces the risk of unauthorized content contaminating the Library. Everyone can consume empower® content, confident that no one has modified it without permission.

Did you know?

One suite to replace many add-ins

Simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by replacing many other add-ins with empower®. The result? Reduced complexity, lower costs, and access to first-class functionality for your users.


Create Office Documents more efficiently    efficient


Create documents faster with re-usable elements

Re-usable content accelerates document production. No need to search for and cannibalize old documents for new purposes. Instead, the empower® Asset Library makes it easier generate high-quality documents by starting from a convenient template and pulling in approved content as needed.

Content Element Library

Pick and mix elements from the empower® Library to create customized proposals, contracts, reports, any kind of MS Word document. Receive update notifications whenever a newer version of a Library asset gets published.


brand compliance with empower    brand compliant


Total brand compliance

empower® embeds your organization’s house style directly in Word. Ensure uniform, approved fonts, colors, and layouts in all documents. Your templates are configured so they can be edited easily with stylesheets.

Corporate Colors, Fonts and Styles

Guarantee consistency with on-brand fonts, sizes, and colors. Locked templates help enforce design requirements. Our Design Check automatically checks templates, colors, fonts, font sizes, bullets, logos for every Word document and PowerPoint slide.

Preview: Content Enablement explained in one minute


A detailed look at the main functions of empower® Content Enablement:

  • How does the empower® library work and how do you connect Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint?
  • Get to know our web library and learn how to keep documents up to date through updates.

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empower IT requirements     IT requirements


Future-proof Enterprise Class Software

empower® is designed for enterprises of all sizes: from small sophisticated firms to global enterprises with more than 100,000 users. empower® uses state-of-the-art technology and a modern architecture to ensure high performance, stability, and scalability in every situation. With innovative apps for Word Online and Microsoft Teams, empower® is integrated into the next generation of Office 365.

Best-in-class Performance

With empower®, users always enjoy the best possible user experience. Our software's unique architecture ensures that Word never slows down or hangs. And opening large document is faster than ever.



Optimized for Microsoft 365

empower® is optimized for Microsoft 365. Thanks to our close relationship with Microsoft, we can ensure that empower® is compatible with the latest Office releases at any given time.



Cloud or On-Premises

empower® for Word can be hosted within your company’s IT infrastructure, your company’s private cloud, or alternatively in our managed Microsoft Azure cloud. Enjoy quarterly updates and the option for “hands-on” setup for easy deployment.



Office Online Web-Add-in

The empower® Library is also accessible as a web add-in for Office Online. You can easily open documents, presentations, individual slides, images, or icons in a new browser tab and then copy them over to your active document.



Enterprise-Class Integrations

empower® integrates with all your existing applications like DAM, PIM, Teams and SharePoint. In addition, custom extensions can be developed according to your wishes.


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Operating Systems    OS

Works with Windows 8/10, Citrix and terminal servers.

MS <br>Office    MS Office

Works with all Office versions from Office 2010 including all Office 365 versions.

MS Teams    MS Teams

The empower® App for Microsoft Teams allows users to chat with the empower® Bot to retrieve content from the entire Library. A user can then directly open the document from within Microsoft Teams.

SharePoint    Sharepoint

You can connect empower® to SharePoint in either direction: synchronize data from SharePoint to the empower® Library or make dedicated empower® content available to SharePoint. Our dedicated empower® Integrations team will support custom integrations.

On-Premise or  Cloud    Infrastructure

Your data is yours. empower® can be hosted within your company’s IT infrastructure, your company’s private cloud, or alternatively in our managed Microsoft Azure cloud.

Architecture    Architecture

empower® is built on a state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture: a client is installed locally that connects via HTTPS with services that store the data in a SQL server. The services can be deployed in multiple regions to ensure highest performance no matter where your users are located.

Integrations    Integrations

empower® can be integrated with any third-party system: show your images and videos from your DAM/MAM in empower®, automatically create documents based on your PIM system, or simply connect to SalesForce to have all client communication in one place. Contact us and speak with our empower® Integrations team about your specific requirements.

Do you want to make Office 365 more efficient and faster? Experience our empower® solutions for Brand Control, Chart Creation and Content Enablement.

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