Our add-in suite will make MS Office easy, efficient and brand compliant.


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint with a slide library, corporate design check and productivity tools


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint to create professional charts like waterfall and gantt charts in no time


Our add-in for MS Word to create consistent documents with all legal information up-to-date


Our add-in for MS Outlook to manage email signatures for enterprises


Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time


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Your new brand in Microsoft Office with empower® in just a few clicks 


All Office templates & signatures always up-to-date and available for everyone


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The right content, at the right time, in the right place


Strengthen efficiency and collaboration in your company


Get practical office tips, inspirational stories, and exclusive market assessments of the MS Office world


Find MS Office related guides, e-books, whitepapers, videos, infografics and more 


Everything you need to know about the MS Office world. Clearly summarized.


The Ultimate Global Office Suite Study - conducted by Nielsen


The Ultimate Office Suite Study for USA - conducted by Nielsen


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PowerPoint Study Header

The Ultimate Global PowerPoint Study

How do company employees work in PowerPoint worldwide, what eats up the largest amount of time and how presentations can undermine your brand.

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Global Office Study Header

The Ultimate Global Office Suite Study

The biggest B2B Office Suite Study worldwide, available for 10 different industries, German, US and global companies - conducted by Nielsen. What are the biggest pitfalls in Office and what we can do about it.

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Powerful PowerPoint Charts

The Ultimative Guide for professional charts. This e-book will make your daily work with PowerPoint charts easier.

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16 PowerPoint Expert Hacks

This comprehensive free e-book contains 16 PowerPoint expert hacks that will change the way you work with PowerPoint!

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success factors

12 CDM Success Factors

This free whitepaper includes a checklist with 12 key success factors for a strong brand using efficient corporate design management.

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eBook PowerPoint Study

The Big PowerPoint Study 2014

What really eats up our time and what we can do about it. Carried out by GfK.

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e-book cover cloud FAQ EN

FAQ on the topic of cloud computing

Are you planning to introduce cloud-based technologies? Our e-book tells you everything you need to know about it.

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Infographic brand communication

Strengthen brand communication

Our three infographics provide you with insider knowledge on brand consistency, brand guidelines and corporate identity. 

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empower® vs. think-cell®

We compare two of the most popular add-ins for PowerPoint. Learn more about their features and benefits.

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Checkliste PowerPoint Master erstellen

How to create a PowerPoint master

With our checklist you will learn what to consider when creating a flawless PowerPoint master - step by step.

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Digital Workplace with Microsoft Office

Digital Workplace with Microsoft Office

The Digital Workplace a threat? Read more about challenges and how to solve them to create a future-proof and modern workplace in our e-book.

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System architecture at a glance

System architecture at a glance

If you are planning to introduce new software, you need to decide how to integrate it. Our poster illustrates three different ways of integrating software.

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Whitepaper Rebranding in mergers & acquisitions

Rebranding in mergers & acquisitions

One factor that is often underestimated in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) is rebranding. In our whitepaper, you will learn how a rebranding after M&A succeeds.

Download the whitepaper for free →
Brand Management & Rebranding

Brand management & rebranding

In your daily brand management with MS Office you will face numerous challenges. With our e-book, we support you in mastering them.

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Reach business goals with MarTech

Reach business goals with MarTech

Marketing technologies support you in reaching your business goals. In our checklist, we tell you what to consider when implementing them.

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