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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

Isn't it fascinating...

...that we invest a lot of money in building and communicating our brand and then leave it to chance how our brand is conveyed in Microsoft Office documents?

Brand compliant?

Does it feel like everyone is their own creative director? Do people use their own content and design elements and do not stick to the guidelines and branding you have developed and invested in?

Legally flawless?

Is everyone creating a unique email signature? Are job titles, legal information and campaign banners misaligned company-wide? Does every Word document conform to corporate standards and style?

Visual identity?

Do your employees also insert images from the internet without thinking about the brand or image rights? How do you ensure brand and legal compliance in every Word document?

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Underestimating brand consistency will cost you

Microsoft 365 is for productivity, not brand compliance.
And since most employees are not designers, they always choose productivity over brand when in doubt.
Brand compliance in Office documents
Shared documents with inconsistent branding

Your brand's story starts with your employees

With empower®, users don’t have to choose between branding and efficiency.

Direct access to all your brand assets in Microsoft 365

Incorporate your brand manual with all Microsoft 365 apps. All your brand assets will be accessible and used by everyone at all times.

Your brand guidelines integrated in Microsoft 365

Don't strain your employees with guidelines they won't read. With empower®, every guideline for every document, presentation, and email are right within Microsoft 365.


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Easily convert existing content to your latest template

Adapt your current design without any hassle. Everyone across every department can automatically convert their existing presentations and documents to your updated designs, saving countless hours of formatting work.

Font and color pickers

The font and color pickers in empower® accurately reflect the specifications outlined in your design manual. As a result, users no longer select incorrect fonts or colors. The use of non-compliant color gradients from the Microsoft Office color palette is also a thing of the past.


Brand check any document in Microsoft 365

Fix brand violations automatically with one click. empower® Brand Control automatically checks templates, colors, fonts, font sizes, bullets, logos for every Word document and PowerPoint slide.

Did you know?

One suite to replace many add-ins

Simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by replacing many other add-ins with empower®. The result? Reduced complexity, lower costs, and access to first-class functionality for your users.


empower® your team to stay true to your brand

empower® users create brand-compliant Office documents in more than 95% of all cases compared to 52% without empower®, according to our Global Office study performed by Nielsen Research, for companies with 500+ employees.

Brand Compliance with empower

Unleash the power of AI with empower®

Our empower® AI Assistant harnesses the power of Azure OpenAI to generate professional documents within PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook – all while prioritizing data security. Easy to use, it empowers everyone in your organization to leverage AI in their daily work.


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Why our customers love empower®

"The introduction of empower® was one of the best decisions we made within the branding project."

Brigitte Schneider
Head of Brand Design, Merck KGgA
“We perceived empower® as a practice-oriented tool that allows the user to use the program very easily due to its simple menu navigation.”
Melanie Vinci
Member of the Executive Board, persona service


Merck successfully implemented its new branding with empower®


Merck wanted to dramatically change its brand appearance and therefore launched a new logo, new colors and new templates. The challenge: how to ensure users will adopt quickly and use the new branding in their daily life with Microsoft Office?


Merck implemented empower® company-wide (over 60,000 users) within six weeks and ensured that every user could convert all their old presentations via a single click and the new templates and images were available at their fingertips.


Merck's users love empower® because it is a “real time-saver” and they were not left to their own devices when migrating their old presentations. With empower®, they were able to experience and live the new branding from day one.


With empower®, Bayer found one solution to serve them all


Bayer's big challenge was ensuring that all Office documents were on brand. They wanted a solution that was efficient, easy and comprehensive so they would not have to maintain multiple add ins for the different Office products.


Bayer introduced empower® company-wide to 110,000 global users, giving them direct access to all brand compliant masters and templates with predefined design guidelines. empower® made it easy to quickly migrate old slides to the new design.


With empower®, Bayer found one solution to serve them all. This increased efficiency for creating Office documents and ensured a consistent brand appearance across all Office applications - simplify the merger process with Monsanto.


persona service strengthens its brand with empower®


persona service was looking for a user-friendly tool empowering their employees to create brand consistent presentations without much effort. A tool, that really understands and meets the company’s specific needs.


persona service implemented empower® for 1,800 users with a focus on brand compliance and professional slide management. empower® was tailored to the company's requirements. Everyone got up and running immediately with a simple and intuitive menu navigation.


Implementing empower® made creating design compliant charts and slides very easy, saving time and effort and ensuring a consistent brand appearance.  

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  • With empower® Brand Control, employees in all departments don't have to choose between branding and efficiency anymore.
  • You can effortlessly manage and optimize all your brand assets and keep them updated and available at any time.
  • Learn how you can easily convert existing content to your latest design.
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