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Seamless AI integration in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook

Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.

Introducing the empower® AI Assistant

Discover how the empower® AI Assistant enhances your PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook workflow for better communication in this brief 8-minute demo video.

  • Learn how the AI Assistant integrates with each Office app
  • Save personal prompts and utilize predefined prompts
  • Transform documents with bulk edits in a single click
  • Write and summarize text in Word with the AI Assistant
  • Draft and reply to emails efficiently with simple prompts

Harness the power of AI directly in your Office apps

Efficiently spell-check, rewrite, and optimize your entire presentation by simply selecting one or more text boxes or shapes and then clicking on the AI Assistant to help you. Create Word documents in seconds or compose emails in Outlook with just a click of a button.

Make Bulk Changes to Your Presentation

Select multiple text boxes, shapes, or all slides in a presentation and apply AI-powered optimizations for a consistent, polished look. The AI assistant will scroll through each object to make the process quick.

Draft and Refine Documents in Word with AI

The empower® AI Assistant can create complete text passages or generate creative headline options for your documents. This text can then easily be formatted in Word.


Write emails in Outlook in no time

Tired of spending too much time on emails? Let the AI Assistant draft routine messages, from meeting requests to follow-ups. Need translations? Compose your message in multiple languages with a single click.

document automation solution roi for companies

empower®your team

On average empower® users save 22% of their time when creating presentations. Our Global Office study, conducted in partnership with Nielsen Research, confirms that companies with 500+ employees achieve a guaranteed 10x ROI or higher.

Plus, empower® helps teams significantly improve the overall quality of their Office documents.

Did you know?

One suite to replace many add-ins

Simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by replacing many other add-ins with empower®. The result? Reduced complexity, lower costs, and access to first-class functionality for your users.


Supercharge Your Team with AI in PowerPoint, Word & Outlook

The empower® AI Assistant seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, offering company approved pre-built prompts to help your team create impactful communications. Simplify workflows by defining common communication tasks specific to your company. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to leverage AI assistance, even without prior experience crafting AI prompts. For even greater control, advanced users can create their own custom prompts for a truly personalized experience.

Write more concisely with AI to improve clarity and connect with your audience

Use a predefined prompt to precisely shorten headlines in your slides, documents, or emails with a single click.

Make your text sound more exciting

Struggling to find the right words? Let our AI Assistant suggest creative alternatives. Quickly review options and choose the best fit for your writing.

Draft Content in Seconds, Not Hours

Need to quickly create content for your presentation or documents? Leverage the power of AI directly within MS Office to generate initial drafts, saving you valuable time.

Translate Emails with a Click

Write in your preferred language and easily translate your messages directly within Outlook.

“We always refer to empower® as the »Gold Standard« of how Office products should be developed.”

Data security

Our empower® AI Assistant uses the Azure OpenAI services, ensuring full GDPR compliance. Microsoft guarantees that no data is sent to Open AI or used to train these data models. State-of-the-art encryption protocols and robust data protection measures are employed to safeguard your sensitive information at every step. Additionally empower is ISO27001-certified. The overall package ensures maximum security standards when using artificial intelligence.

Why our customers love empower®

“The empower® PowerPoint add-in allows us to create customized proposal presentations directly from Salesforce with just a few clicks.”
Lennart Harendza
Managing Director, Seven.One Media GmbH
"With the empower® PIM interface we were able to almost completely avoid the enormous manual effort of creating and updating numerous product presentations."
Torsten Mühlhoff
Corporate Projects, ABUS


Seven.One Media increases active sales time with empower®


Seven.One Media creates and sends out more than 10,000 offer presentations every year. The media powerhouse uses Salesforce and PowerPoint together to get the job done. The challenge was to avoid switching between systems as to optimize the offer creation process.


With empower®, Seven.One Media found a solution to connect both systems and create offer presentations directly in Salesforce. With just a few clicks, a design-compliant PowerPint presentation is ready to download and send in Salesforce


Thanks to the integration with empower®, manual switching between the systems is no longer necessary, saving up to 15 minutes per presentation. This leads to a 300% return on investment and gives sales employees more time for what really matters: selling.

abus already uses empower document automation

With empower®, ABUS saves over 100 hours a year in PowerPoint presentation management


ABUS was faced with the challenge of keeping their broad variety of PowerPoint product presentations always up-to-date, expanding them quickly and sharing the latest versions with all field staff and trainers - with a minimum of manual effort.


The empower® Library gives all field staff and trainers access to all current documents. What's more, integration with the PIM system allows new information from the PIM system to be automatically synchronized with the empower® Library.


With empower®, ABUS saves over 100 hours a year in PowerPoint presentation management. And it ensures compliance with corporate design and that everyone has easy access to the latest content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is legally responsible for content created by the empower® AI Assistant?

In the empower® AI Assistant, precautions have been taken to prevent, for example, the creation of content that violates copyright. However, due to the way large language models work, including the Azure OpenAI GPT model used by the empower® AI Assistant, there is no way to guarantee with absolute certainty that the generated output will meet such requirements in every single case. As with all AI models available today, it is essential to carefully check the generated outputs. Therefore, the empower® AI Assistant also requires confirmation by users in order to accept the generated outputs for further use. In principle, users are legally responsible for the content generated with the empower® AI Assistant.

Who takes responsibility for the accuracy of the AI-generated content?

There is no guarantee for correct content with any AI language model available today. It is therefore important that every employee is explicitly made aware of the need to critically review generated or modified texts. Companies should establish clear rules of conduct for the use of generated and modified texts. In the case of text modifications (e.g. text shortening, translation, etc.), the empower® AI Assistant can provide good support here, as users can directly compare the original and the result in a before-and-after shot.

How is the security architecture for the AI infrastructure designed?

The issue of security and data protection is essential, especially in a business context. That is why we rely on the extensive security measures that Microsoft has established in the Azure Cloud. All processing steps take place within the Azure Cloud. The Azure OpenAI instance used by the empower® AI Assistant is also located within the Azure Cloud.

How can users be prevented from creating false or even reputation-damaging content with the empower® AI Assistant?

There are several safeguards in place at various points in the processing chain when using artificial intelligence with the empower® AI Assistant to help ensure that no false, reputation-damaging or otherwise inappropriate content is generated. For example, the AI model itself has been designed with safeguards that make it very unlikely that inappropriate content will be generated (even if an attempt is made to deliberately induce it). In addition, a "content filter" is interposed, which examines the generated output fully automatically and blocks it if inappropriate content is detected.

In the end, however, users are always responsible for ensuring that the content generated is correct and appropriate for further use.

Isn't creating prompts far too complicated for my employees?

AI models such as OpenAI/ChatGPT (which is also used by empower®) aim to enable users to complete tasks faster and better by using their natural language. Usually, the use of an AI assistant such as empower® starts with preconfigured prompts (e.g. for "Improve this text" or "Translate this text into English", etc.), which in most cases already enable significant improvements to be made to content.

The empower® AI Assistant makes the use of prompts even easier by offering an expandable selection of prompts directly. Of course, employees also have the opportunity to further develop their digital communication skills using artificial intelligence (so-called "AI Prompt Crafting"). We at empower® believe that these skills will be crucial in the future and that further training measures in this area should therefore be started at an early stage. We would be happy to support your company with appropriate training. Just get in touch with us.

Are there any trainings or resources from empower for our employees to safely use the empower® AI Assistant?

Yes, empower offers training and resources to support employees in using the AI Assistant safely. The aim is to raise awareness of potential risks and strengthen users' skills in dealing with AI. After the training sessions, your employees will receive prepared supporting material as well as the recording of the training so that they have the best possible support when taking their first steps with the empower® AI Assistant.

Can the empower® AI Assistant be restricted to certain subject areas or tasks?

The purpose of generative artificial intelligence or large language models (LLMs) is to use natural language to solve (complex) problems. Limiting this approach to certain subject areas or functions makes no sense by definition, as it would run counter to the basic idea behind this technology. We therefore firmly believe in following pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence such as Microsoft, Google and others and do not restrict the empower® AI Assistant to certain functionalities or subject areas.

Does the empower® AI Assistant work in compliance with GDPR and is it safe to use?

Yes, using the empower® AI Assistant is secure and GDPR-compliant. The empower® AI Assistant uses the Azure OpenAI services from Microsoft. Microsoft guarantees compliance with the GDPR for all generally available enterprise software products. Furthermore, Microsoft guarantees that no data transmitted by the user will be stored on the server, forwarded to third parties (including Open AI) or used for training these language models. State-of-the-art encryption protocols and robust data protection measures are used to protect your sensitive information at every step. For more information on the security policies at empower GmbH, including our ISO certification, please visit our security overview. Microsoft itself has a large number of IT security certifications.

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