Our add-in suite will make MS Office easy, efficient and brand compliant.


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint with a slide library, corporate design check and productivity tools


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint to create professional charts like waterfall and gantt charts in no time


Our add-in for MS Word to create consistent documents with all legal information up-to-date


Our add-in for MS Outlook to manage email signatures for enterprises


Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time


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Your new brand in Microsoft Office with empower® in just a few clicks 


All Office templates & signatures always up-to-date and available for everyone


All Office documents & signatures designed from a single source


The right content, at the right time, in the right place


Strengthen efficiency and collaboration in your company


Get practical office tips, inspirational stories, and exclusive market assessments of the MS Office world


Find MS Office related guides, e-books, whitepapers, videos, infografics and more 


Everything you need to know about the MS Office world. Clearly summarized.


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The Ultimate Office Suite Study for USA - conducted by Nielsen


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Career & Jobs


With more than 2 million users, empower® is the most used MS Office add-in for corporations.


We combine the spirit of creative startups with the advantages of large companies

Who are we?

empower GmbH is a strongly growing company. As the leading provider of Microsoft Office solutions, we offer attractive career options with the opportunity for fast advancement. In addition, we encourage the continual development of all our employees through courses, training sessions, and additional qualifications.

What do we do?

Microsoft Office is standard software in companies worldwide. Every day hundreds of millions of people use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook – even though they’ve never learned how to use those programs properly. They lose a lot of time, document quality falls far below what it should be, and most people just don’t like to use those programs. Working in MS Office is rarely the reason someone chooses a profession – it’s just a tool they use to do their job.

We at empower® know Office like the back of our hand. We’ve spent years, day and night, learning the Office apps’ strengths and weaknesses. We love Office. But out of the box it’s not ideal for every user or situation. After all, Office is designed for a broad variety of users, so one size doesn’t fit all. Companies have different requirements than independent authors. Global teams need different tools than private users. Corporate design teams face formatting and brand discipline challenges. Office’s complicated functionality can compete against clarity and relevance.

That's why we started to revolutionize daily life with MS Office in 2005. We develop solutions that enable people worldwide to work with Office more easily, consistently, and efficiently. Our mission is to help users get the best results quickly so they have time to focus on their professions.

We support our team with continuing education opportunities and Microsoft certifications
Steering wheel
We emphasize individual responsibility and exciting tasks from the very start.
We work with the most well-known and prestigious customers in the world.
We accommodate flexible hours and work-from-home every Friday.
We offer attractive salary packages, bonuses, and a laptop even for personal use.
We cultivate camaraderie and fun with a young, dynamic team.

Some of our customers:

lufthansa consulting
mercedes benz consulting

Facts and figures



> 90

permanent employees

> 2,000,000

users globally

finde deinen job

What’s waiting for you:

  • a young, motivated Team
  • a flat hierarchy
  • open doors and ears at all times
  • honesty and fairness
  • legendary team events
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We’re looking for new colleagues for whom a position with us is more than just a “job” …

… and who are more than ”just” employees. Fun during and also outside of work, great team spirit and cohesion, a pleasant work atmosphere, health and well-being and much more, are key values for us. That’s why we offer more than ”just” attractive remuneration:

  • Everyone’s in the know: weekly Business Update meetings keep everyone informed about company news and progress, and our product teams share product development news.
  • Break time: we cater in our lounge for anyone who wants to lunch together.
  • Team building: once a quarter join your colleagues for water skiing and wakeboarding, go-karting, football, golf, barbecues, laser days ...
  • Discounted fitness studio membership.
  • Participate in free sports activities (football, bouldering, etc.).
  • A company bicycle and special ergonomic work furniture are available.
  • Keep energized with unlimited granola bars, coffee, tea, juices.
  • Be inspired by spectacular views of Cologne from the 39th and 40th floors.
  • Save time with an easy commute to our central location in Cologne, with good connections to trains (main station, Hansaring) and the motorway (A57).

Your (working) environment

  • Teams with 3 to 6 employees
  • Agile development with adapted Scrum/Kanban/Scrumban process models
  • Technologies: .NET/C#, WPF, ASP.NET Core, REST, SQL, Azure, and many more
  • Visual Studio, TFS, Git, ReSharper
  • Jira & Confluence
  • CI/CD with connections to third party systems (Jira, Dashboards, Messenger, etc.)
  • Extensive code libraries, continuously expanded
  • VMs in various configurations
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office days

With us, it’s more than just “work”

Apply today!

We don’t make paper clips …

… and we’re not an assembly line.

The most important factor in our success is the knowledge and experience of the people who work with us. That’s why ongoing training is essential for our company.

Some of our education offerings

How to join us:

  1. Written application (cover letter optional) by email.
  2. Phone interview.
  3. Getting to know each other personally and with a trial task.

Anytime: Questions by phone or email.

Getting started with us:

  • On-boarding
  • Mentor support
  • No long inductions - you jump right into business
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Current openings:

Junior Sales Account Manager

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Software Consultant & Support Specialist

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