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Our add-in for MS PowerPoint with a slide library, corporate design check and productivity tools


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint to create professional charts like waterfall and gantt charts in no time


Our add-in for MS Word to create consistent documents with all legal information up-to-date


Our add-in for MS Outlook to manage email signatures for enterprises


Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time


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Convince with elegant Excel reports

empower® Sheets for Microsoft Excel

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With more than 2 million users, empower® is the most used MS Office add-in for corporations.


empower® Sheets – the efficiency booster for MS Excel

Create elegant Excel sheets quickly with brand compliant tables, charts, and cell formatting. With a Library of Excel templates and content right within Excel itself, empower® Sheets will save everyone massive amounts of time crafting convincing Excel workbooks.



Every second excel report is based on an existing document. With empower® Sheets, you have access to a central Library with predefined templates and reports you can use to create elegant Excel documents.
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33 % of time working with Excel is spent on formatting. empower® Sheets’ predefined templates and cell format styles help you create Excel sheets more quickly and reduce the time you waste formatting.
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brand compliant

55 % of spreadsheets doesn’t comply with design guidelines. With the empower® Library of brand compliant templates, charts and tables, as well as custom Font and Color Pickers, every Excel report supports your brand.
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Easy easy

Boost productivity, reduce clicks

empower® Sheets streamlines working in Excel with templates and standard content in a centralized Library. Tedious formatting is a thing of the past: empower® Sheets provides uniform, corporate design-compliant tools for font, color, cell formatting, tables and charts. All changes to templates are synchronized company-wide. Every sheet is 100% brand compliant.

And empower® Sheets multiplies its effectiveness via integration with PowerPoint. Simply copy or link an empower® Sheets Excel chart into a PowerPoint slide. Changes in Excel will update in the PowerPoint copy as well.


Template & Workbook Library

The empower® Sheets Library makes it easy to manage and deliver corporate design-compliant templates for workbooks, charts, tables, and other assets. People can search and find what they need, when they need it, right within Excel itself.

Template & Workbook Library
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Productivity_Booster efficient

Accelerate Excel

As MS Office experts, we know Excel inside-out. We’ve studied how people struggle with Excel, what wastes their time, where formatting and layout can be easier. We’ve incorporated our expertise in empower® Sheets so people can work more efficiently. Everyone becomes more effective, with more time for thought and accuracy, less time clicking around trying to get a spreadsheet to look good and behave.


Quick Formatting

Quickly format spreadsheets with predefined tables and charts. With empower® Sheets integrated into the Excel ribbon, everything you need is easy to find, front and center.
Quick Formatting

Brand_Strengthener brand compliant

Every spreadsheet strengthens your brand

empower® Sheets embeds your brand in Excel. Guarantee consistency with curated, design compliant fonts, sizes, and colors. Expertly configured templates make editing easy.


Format Pickers, Chart & Table Templates 

Uniform, corporate design-compliant tools for font, color, cell formatting, tables, and charts ensure every spreadsheet 100 % reflects your corporate design.

format picker sheets

Laptop IT specifications

Future-proof enterprise class software

empower® is designed for enterprises of all sizes: from small sophisticated firms to global enterprises with more than 100,000 users. empower® uses state-of-the-art technology and a modern architecture to ensure high performance, stability, and scalability in every situation. 


Best-in-class Performance

With empower®, users always enjoy the best possible user experience. Our softwares's unique architecture ensures that Excel never slows down or hangs. And opening large workbooks is faster than ever.

Microsoft 365

Optimized for Microsoft 365

empower® is optimized for Microsoft 365. Thanks to our close relationship with Microsoft, we can ensure that empower® is compatible with the latest Office releases at any given time.


Cloud or On-Premise

empower® Sheets can be hosted within your company’s IT infrastructure, your company’s private cloud, or alternatively in our managed Microsoft Azure cloud. Enjoy quarterly updates and the option for “hands-on” setup for easy deployment.


Enterprise-Class Integrations

empower® integrates with all your existing applications like DAM, PIM, Teams and SharePoint. In addition, custom extensions can be developed according to your wishes. Learn more.

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Do you want to make your entire Office suite more efficient and faster? Try our empower® products for PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

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empower® makes working with MS Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

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