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Easily manage PowerPoint slides company-wide with the innovative Slide Library from empower®

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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.


Searching for existing slides to re-use is one of the biggest time waster when working with PowerPoint. With the empower® Library all your organization’s slides are easily accessible and always up-to-date.

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37% of your time in PowerPoint is spent with formatting slides. With empower® you can format slides most automatically and create presentations 30% faster.

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brand compliant

Every second presentation is not compliant with brand guidelines. The empower® Template Library, Color and Font Picker and Design Check ensure that every presentation consistently reflects your corporate design and reinforces your brand.

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Your PowerPoint Asset Library

With the empower® slide library you can easily manage PowerPoint content company-wide. All your colleagues can access slides and presentations at any time via the slide library. The latest content is always delivered automatically. Update slides and presentations for the entire company with one click. You can find and insert the right slides in seconds. Share content with your colleagues so everyone benefits from the entire company’s knowledge.


The advantages of the empower® slide libraries include:

  • Enterprise-wide management of PowerPoint presentations, templates, slides, images, and elements
  • Slide library / template library integrated directly into PowerPoint - no need to switch to a browser
  • Easy Google-like search
  • Up-to-date content across the enterprise with one click
  • Slides and presentations available in multiple languages and automatically translated
  • All content accessible offline
  • Simple permissions management via Active Directory
  • Future-proofed for the Digital Workplace
  • Simple enterprise collaboration

Detailed information on the functionality can be found on our product page empower® for PowerPoint.

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Useful features of the slide library:

  • Directly access all existing PowerPoint slides and presentations as well as pre-formatted templates
  • Quickly find the right slides and content
  • Easily assemble presentations with ready-made content
  • More numerous productivity tools make formatting and presentation creation easier for you
  • Efficient sales enablement for your sales colleagues
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Save time with the empower® slide library for PowerPoint

How many hours have you spent searching for the right content? Or formatting slides? In our study we identified the biggest PowerPoint time wasters: formatting slides and searching for templates, images, and icons.

empower® eliminates those productivity enemies and enables you to create presentations up to 30% faster. The central empower® slide library contains pre-formatted presentations, slides, diagrams, and icons. Simply drag and drop the appropriate content into your PowerPoint presentation. Slides can be managed, edited in team members, and updated directly in PowerPoint. Find the right content in seconds with Google-like full-text search. No more wasting hours finding the right slides. Access the data of the empower® slide library even offline thanks to full synchronization.

More efficiency with a central slide library and updates

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Any presentation in your corporate design

According to our PowerPoint study, conducted by Nielsen, 53% of all presentations are not design compliant. That equates to 68 presentations created per employee per year that misrepresent your brand. And that causes great damage to the corporate image.

Better brand communication with the slide library

Compliant and approved presentations as well as templates are available in the empower® slide library. All your colleagues can access your brand assets and easily assemble presentations. Your design guidelines are embedded directly in PowerPoint, and you can ensure that all presentations conform to your brand.

Slide library - brand compliant

Improve your brand communication with the empower® slide library:

  • All brand assets are available directly in PowerPoint for easy brand management (PowerPoint masters, predefined presentations, slides, charts, tables, text elements, symbols, images, icons, and videos)
  • Design guidelines are built into PowerPoint in the form of font and color pickers
  • Corporate Design Check: automatically check and correct all contents of the slide library for compliance with corporate design
  • Facilitate rebranding: apply a new design or PowerPoint master to existing content with one click
  • With a DAM integration you can access all your images directly in PowerPoint
  • The Agenda Wizard automatically creates agenda slides in the predefined design

Preview: Chart Creation explained in one minute


Want to learn more? Then watch the detailed online demo video now, with a detailed view of the main features of empower® Chart Creation:

  • Stop wasting time - experience maximum efficiency when creating presentations.
  • Learn how to create complex business charts in a snap.
  • See how easily you can automate reports and eliminate formatting tasks.

Fill out the form and see Chart Creation in action.

Great alternative to the Microsoft SharePoint slide library

SharePoint is often used for slide management in companies. However, with SharePoint 2013, Microsoft abolished the slide library component because of poor customer adoption. SharePoint’s slide library integrated clumsily with the slide library in PowerPoint, its search was insufficient search, and it was unstable. The slide library of empower® solves all those problems. It completely replaces your SharePoint slide library and offers further advantages for you.

Efficient slide library without SharePoint

Make all your PowerPoint content available to the entire company in the empower® slide library. Share existing content and strengthen collaboration across the organization. Enhance your brand communication by embedding your design guidelines directly into PowerPoint. Deliver all your brand assets directly in PowerPoint. At the same time, you and your colleagues can work more productively and save time for the really important tasks.

empower® for Microsoft Teams

empower® also directly integrates with Microsoft Teams. People can browse the Library or chat with a Bot to find and open slides directly inside MS Teams.

The PowerPoint slide library that strengthens your brand

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