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Over 3 million people already trust empower® to create professional Office documents.


Fed up with tedious creation of PowerPoint slides?

Your employees spend countless hours creating presentations and yet the actual content falls short of expectations. Tedious formatting and charting take up most of their time, leaving no time to focus on what is essential: the content.

How do I illustrate this slide?

In presentations, it’s crucial to explain things clearly and visually to increase the viewer’s understanding. This requires both communication skills and deep knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint. Very few people have both.

Slide illustration

I’m tired of creating complex business charts!

Users often fail with diagrams in PowerPoint. Many functionalities are either not available or complicated or hidden. Even for PowerPoint professionals, creating charts often means endless formatting work.


Are all charts already up-to-date?

Creating and maintaining report presentations is laborious because they contain tons of charts and other objects with links to data in Excel.

Which objects are linked to where? Are all required links really set? Do they all still work? When were the links last updated?


Format, format, format...

Flaws in presentations distract your audience from the core messages and can only be fixed with burdensome, meticulous formatting work. This isn’t always successful, but always leads to time loss and frustration.


Why is that?

Good presentations open doors and sell ideas, products, and services. That's why a lot of time is invested in making them as convincing as possible.
But PowerPoint doesn’t offer all the necessary features for this. Complex business slides and charts have to be created manually and formatted painstakingly.

Are your users frustrated and regularly working overtime?

Your employees will typically spend approximately 5 hours per week creating presentation slides.

40% of this time is spent on formatting issues alone. And even your best strategists don’t have the graphic design chops for PowerPoint.


Are you unknowingly wasting your team’s potential?

Instead of spending time making strong arguments, data-backed analyses, and compelling stories, they’re forced to dig through a jungle of MS PowerPoint features.

Are they able to communicate the complete message with the tool they have?


Let your team create outstanding presentations

With empower® Content Creation, you eliminate all time wasters. Gain 100% concentration on content that convinces people.


Build presentations faster with 100+ templates

Give your team access to a huge library of templates with complete design elements.

Plus, with empower®'s Agenda Wizard, all you have to do is type the items you’d like to include and all the rest will be updated for you.

Automate recurring reports

Stop wasting time and risking errors by manually copying data from Excel to PowerPoint.

Edit your Excel files and your charts, tables, textboxes and even Gantt charts in PowerPoint slides will automatically be updated.


Show me how it works


Create complex business charts faster 

Input your data and generate any type of chart or graph instantly.

Go beyond PowerPoint’s limited charting options. Pick a chart type (Gantt, Waterfall, etc.) and edit the pre-branded chart with just a few clicks.

Eliminate tedious formatting tasks

Polish your presentations in seconds.

Arrange, position, resize, or align Powerpoint elements and correct any grammatical errors automatically with empower®’s Consistency Check.


Real time translation

empower® integrates with DeepL, an AI-based translator that detects even the smallest nuances of your content and seamlessly translates it to another language.

Nothing crucial gets lost and you’re sharing your story across the globe.

Did you know?

One suite to replace many add-ins

Simplify your Microsoft 365 environment by replacing many other add-ins with empower®. The result? Reduced complexity, lower costs, and access to best-in-class functionality for your users.


Business Case for empower®

empower® users save 22% of their time creating presentations on average. In combination with our Global Office study performed by Nielsen Research, companies with 500+ employees see a guaranteed 10x ROI or higher when introducing empower®.

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

Why our customers love empower®

“We always refer to empower® as the 'Gold Standard' of how Office products should be developed.”
Alyssa Le
VP Business Development, S&P Global
"With empower® we efficiently ensure the compliance with our design guidelines."
Reinhard Fromm-Ayass
Digital Factory Divison, Siemens AG


Standard & Poor’s increases productivity by 30 % with empower®


As with all companies in the financial industry, S&P creates a massive amount of content using PowerPoint. They wanted to reduce the time spent on creating and formatting presentations as well as ensuring compliance and review paths for all changes.


S&P implemented empower® for 10,000 users with its central content library and all of its tracking functions. The productivity functions made typical tasks like creating and updating tables of contents or applying table and chart styles to Excel-based data child's play.


Since the implementation of empower®, user productivity has increased by 30% on average, freeing up a significant amount of time that now can be used for more important tasks like the analysis and conclusions of data.


Siemens increases productivity creating slides with empower®


Siemens wanted to enable sales colleagues worldwide to create client presentations more effectively and efficiently. The challenge: How to distribute slides company-wide and make sure that slides comply with brand guidelines.


Siemens implemented empower® to provide users with presentations, slides and templates exactly where they need them – a central library integrated in PowerPoint. The font and color picker as well as the design check ensure brand compliance in all presentations.


Hundreds of authors edit more than 100,000 slides in the empower® library. More than 30,000 employees use these slides every day. Sales colleagues efficiently create brand compliant presentations and have more time to close deals.


BioNTech unleashes productivity with empower®


Like most biotechnology companies, BioNTech presents results and evaluations in numerous PowerPoint presentations. This is done with a high demand on design and aesthetics – and a high input of resources.


Just a few days after contract signing, the empower® users at BioNTech could easily collaborate and manage slides using the empower® Library. And the design and layout tools help to quickly migrate to a new template and make each slide look like it was professionally designed.


With empower®, BioNTech received a boost in productivity. It has been proven that the solution is a real resource saver. In particular, their Mac users are excited about the time savings with empower®.

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