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Document Automation

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With more than 2.5 million users, empower® is the most used software suite for Microsoft Office.


Frustrated by cumbersome document assembly?

Every day, people have to assemble complex documents like proposals, contracts, company and product presentations, and many more.

Assembling these documents manually is cumbersome, error-prone, and very time-consuming. No one enjoys it.

How to create a document

How should I create this document?

You need to create a proposal, contract, or report. You wonder what to include and if there are any central company templates or predefined content. Do document sections have to be put together in a specific order? Is there any mandatory additional information that has to be filled in?

Searching for the latest content version

Where's the latest company content?

Should you use old documents as the basis for creating new documents? Do your colleagues know whether the old document reflects current standards?

Formatting Office documents

Why do I need to waste my time formatting the document?

When copying over existing content, a lot of work is often required to format your document professionally. This can be extremely time-consuming and nerve-wrecking.

Why is that?

Laws, technologies, customer requirements - everything is becoming more and more complex - and so are the documents in companies.
Microsoft Office has no automation features for complex documents. Users are completely on their own, don't know how to create documents correctly, and can't find the content they need in the numerous storage locations.
Frustrated woman in front of laptop

Document quality versus efficiency.

Users are helpless and faced with the choice of either painstakingly creating a correct document or completing the unpleasant task as efficient as possible.

Most users opt for efficiency. As a result, the quality standard of complex documents declines rapidly.

Document automation statistics

How much loss of credibility can you afford?

When creating complex documents, users try to work as efficiently as possible and make mistakes that lead, for example, to error-prone offers, contracts or (technical) information documents.

The consequences of using such documents can be limitless for your business.

Enable users to create highly professional documents in no time



With empower®​ Document Automation, ​
users never again have to choose between efficiency and quality.

Automated document assembly

Just fill in the blanks and you're done

Struggling to find central company templates or predefined content? Don’t know the order in which document parts have to be put together or whether there's mandatory additional information that has to be filled in?

Don’t worry — the empower® Document Automation wizard takes care of all that. Just fill in the form.

Latest content without searching

No more searching for the latest version

Do you always have to check whether the content you insert is still up to date? And waste a lot of time doing it?

That's a thing of the past.

empower® Document Automation always inserts the latest content — guaranteed!

Documents that need no formatting

Documents that need no formatting

After merging individual document components, the formatting work usually starts. Most of the time the individual components scavenged from various sources have different designs, different formats, different logos and don't look harmonious with each other.

Formatting is a waste of time with no real added value.

empower® Document Automation always uses the latest templates and guarantees a perfect look for your document after just a few clicks.

Nielsen Global Office study for empower®

Business Case for empower® 

empower® users save 22% of their time creating presentations on average. In combination with our Global Office study performed by Nielsen Research, companies with 500+ employees see a guaranteed 10x ROI or higher when introducing empower®.

In addition, the quality of the Office documents is increased significantly.

Seven.One Media increases active sales time with empower®

Testimonial for empower by SevenOneMedia


Seven.One Media creates and sends out more than 10,000 offer presentations every year. This media powerhouse uses Salesforce and PowerPoint together to get the job done. The challenge was to avoid switching between systems so as to optimize the offer creation process.


With empower®, Seven.One Media found a solution to connect both systems and create offer presentations directly in Salesforce. With just a few clicks, a design-compliant PowerPoint presentation is ready to download and send in Salesforce. 


Thanks to the integration with empower®, manual switching between the systems is no longer necessary, saving up to 15 minutes per presentation. This leads to a 300% return on investment and gives sales employees more time for what really matters: selling.

With empower®, ABUS saves over 100 hours a year in PowerPoint presentation management

Testimonial for empower by Abus


ABUS was faced with the challenge of keeping their broad variety of PowerPoint product presentations always up-to-date, expanding them quickly, and sharing the latest versions with all field staff and trainers – with a minimum of manual effort.


The empower® Library gives all field staff and trainers access to all current documents. What’s more, integration with the PIM system allows new information from the PIM system to be automatically synchronized with the empower® Library. 


With empower®, ABUS saves over 100 hours a year in PowerPoint presentation management. And it ensures compliance with corporate design and that everyone has easy access to the latest content.

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