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September 9, 2022

Are you tired of generating assets nobody is using? Does it feel like everyone is their own Creative Director when creating presentations? Is everyone creating a unique email signature?​ If this is the case, it's time to take back control of your brand.

A brand is the face of a company. It massively influences how customers perceive a company. So it is essential that all employees present it correctly. empower® has developed a solution to support you in the company wide implementation of your brand. Learn how you and your company can benefit from our solution!

What is brand control?

Brand control is the constant monitoring of whether your company's corporate identity guidelines are being adhered to throughout the entire company. Of course, this can only be done if you have defined your branding rules within the framework of guidelines. Otherwise, your people have no way to check their compliance.

Why your brand is essential for your business

Brand control ensures that your clientele recognizes you and associates experiences and positive feelings created by marketing efforts with you. Take the "face of the company" concept from the intro. If you only know someone wearing glasses, you may not immediately recognize them if you see them without glasses. That is how Clark Kent kept his identity as Superman a secret.

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A brand must not be kept secret, it should achieve exactly the opposite. With a consistently presented corporate identity, you increase your recognition value and corporate awareness. Not coincidentally, a key marketing truth says that the more often someone sees an advertisement, the more likely they will notice those products in the shop. The same goes for your corporate brand.

Where does branding happen and what are the challenges?

Regularly check the following for compliance with the corporate design:

  • Email signatures: email signatures should be consistent throughout the company and show all legally relevant information. Read more about this in our article on creating a professional email signature.

  • Word documents: templates for invoices, letters, offers, or correspondence – uniformity is key. But how to maintain consistency in the event of last-minute changes? And did you know that about one in two Word documents does not comply with corporate design guidelines?

  • Presentations: whether for sales or for internal intelligence gathering, presentations contain important company information that can change at a moment's notice. For example, if the price of one of your products changes, the entire sales team must adjust their presentations. The coherent visual impact of presentations should also not be underestimated.

  • Tables: these are especially important for reporting, whether internally or to customers. Presenting corporate identity in a table is an important challenge.

How is it even realistic to check all these documents for compliance with your brand guidelines?

12 Corporate Design Management Success Factors- Free Download

Our solution for your brand

We at empower® have a solution for simplifying brand control in Microsoft Office applications. Our add-ins integrate seamlessly in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. They are largely self-explanatory for users of Microsoft Office.

We embed your branding guidelines in the Office applications. On the empower® ribbon, people can only select brand-compliant fonts, font sizes, and colors and use them in their documents.

 Email signatures as brand ambassador

With the empower® Brand Control solution, you centrally manage all email signatures throughout your company. This ensures that all data privacy statements and legally relevant information appear in everyone’s signature.

Changes can be implemented centrally and are immediately deployable throughout the company. An example: you can utilize email signature marketing and share up-to-date information about the company with all authorized recipients of your employees' emails in banners at the end of the signature. Your people do not have to do a thing to keep their email signatures current and compliant.

Your corporate identity in Word documents

With empower® you can easily manage your documents, templates, and even text modules/clauses centrally in the library. The empower® built-in Google-like search means everyone can easily find what they are looking for and insert it into their documents. Changes are made at the source, and implemented company-wide in no time.

Permissions management allows you to control how employees have what kind of access to which documents.

 Show your brand in PowerPoint presentations

With empower®, your people can include icons, images, and smart art into presentations easily and in accordance with the corporate design. For international companies, DeepL integration enables translating presentations with just a few clicks and with no loss of formatting.

Our empower® Design Check helps employees quickly verify that presentations conform to your corporate design. Discrepancies or inconsistencies can be reviewed and corrected with just a few clicks. Even old presentations are easily updated to a new design with empower®.

brand control solution empower consistency check

The empower® Template Library allows you to store and manage all PowerPoint slides and templates in one place. People can easily find and insert slides from the empower® Library into their own presentations. And best of all: if any changes arise in official slide content or formatting, all you have to do is implement them in the original library slide. empower® takes care of updating them wherever they appear in users’ presentations, automatically.

Strengthen your brand with Excel spreadsheets

Excel is also part of the empower® Brand Control solution. empower® also provides a library integrated into Excel where templates and content are available for people to use and adapt, all while effortlessly conforming to brand guidelines. Studies show that about a third of the time employees use Excel is spent on formatting, which your employees can use more wisely thanks to empower®.

Why you should choose the

empower® Brand Control solution

With the empower® Brand Control solution, you achieve maximum levels of corporate design compliance throughout your organization. Your people need not invest any effort to display your corporate design correctly, because empower® takes the work off their shoulders.

Users of empower® see a 30 % reduction in the amount of time they spend on formatting for 50 % increased brand compliance. Give your employees more time to concentrate on essential tasks!

Have we piqued your curiosity? Contact us for a brand control solution tailored to your company. Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you!

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