What is Brand Asset Management?

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January 11, 2022

What is brand asset management? How is it different from digital asset management? Why do we need brand asset management at all? Which brand asset management software is available? We answer these questions in this article and give you an insightful overview of the topic of brand asset management.

What is the difference between “brand asset management” and “digital asset management”?

Brand asset management can easily be confused with digital asset management and brand management in general. The three terms digital asset management, brand asset management, and brand management build on each other. Brand asset management is an extension of digital asset management, and both of them make brand management easier. You can see what that means in the next three sections.

Unterschied zwischen Brand und Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management: Most people should be familiar with digital asset management. Digital asset management is a central portal for internal company media files (assets), such as images, graphics, or text elements. You can find more detailed information about digital asset management in our article:

What you should know about digital asset management (DAM)

Brand asset management: A brand asset management solution, on the other hand, provides a library for brand- and corporate design-related media content, icons, logos and documents. Brand asset management includes two other important functions: the corporate style guide and a workspace to collaborate across teams. The collaboration workspace is your central work environment where all media and the corporate style guide are available to all users.

Brand management: Brand management encompasses the two asset management systems, plus the areas of market analysis, strategy, brand identity, corporate design, brand consistency, and implementation.

The solution for simple brand management

How does brand asset management work?

Brand asset management is a central workspace that connects the brand style guide of a company with the company’s digital asset management libraries, making them accessible to employees and external staff. A brand asset management platform minimizes corporate design errors since everything brand-related happens in one place.

Brand Asset Management system

These brand asset management benefits lead to sustainable brand building

  • By linking brand guidelines in a style guide with brand assets, implementing your brand is easy.
  • With everything in one place, managing your brand is simplified.
  • Internal and external employees/freelancers receive all necessary brand-related content
  • Branding processes are simplified, so everyone can use your brand without risking brand inconsistency.
  • Protection of the brand is promoted
  • Sustainable brand development is ensured

Which are the top brand asset management software vendors?

How to integrate your style guide directly into your MS Office applications

You should think about how you can ensure everyone can create brand-compliant presentations, documents, and e-mails in MS Office.

  • With empower® you create professional office documents in no time with the help of a central Library that provides access to all relevant slides, templates, and signatures.
  • empower® integrates your style guide directly into MS Office and your design guidelines are incorporated in the ribbon. So you do not have to worry if people are using the right colors, fonts, and layouts. In addition, empower® Slides checks presentations for compliance with the design guidelines, and upgrades old presentations to the current corporate design with just a few clicks.
  • When integrated with your DAM system, all users can access all images directly in Microsoft Office via empower® and insert them into their Office documents with one click.

empower integrations brand asset management

If you want to learn more about the empower® Solution, visit our empower Suite® or let us answer all your questions directly.

You can also find the empower® free edition here, which allows you to experience empower® for yourself.

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