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Agenda creation made easy

Til Streitbörger
November 26, 2018

For a successful presentation in a meeting, an agenda is unavoidable. It is the written list of all topics to be discussed and maintains the overview within the presentation. This enables all participants to become more involved and which increases the efficiency of the entire meeting. With empower® you can build an agenda with just a few clicks.

First open the Agenda Editor. Click on the "Agenda" button in the empower® bar.

agenda with empower

Now select an agenda layout.

agenda with empower

Select a title for your agenda.

agenda with empower

Type in the different agenda items under "New item". Press Enter to add a new item to the list below.

agenda with empower

If a point has been created, you can specify the duration or the instructor, but this function must be defined in the selected layout.

agenda with empower

In addition, you can also convert agenda items into sub-items by moving the outline level of the item to the right or left. The agenda has three levels: main items, sub-items and a second level of subitems can be created.

agenda with empower

To change the order of the points, you can simply drag and drop them or use the up and down arrows.

agenda with empower

To delete an existing agenda item, simply click on the Delete icon on the far right. empower®slides asks whether any agenda sub-items and possible content slides of the presentation for this agenda item should also be deleted.

agenda with empower

You can make further settings for the agenda under "Agenda Settings". There you can select an Overview Slide, which initially shows all agenda items in an overview.

agenda with empower

Divider Slides is selected by default and indicates the individual agenda slides that are inserted between your presentation slides. You can also select whether you want to create your own agenda slides for the subitems, if subitems exist. In addition, you can decide whether subitems, if any, should be visible on all agenda slides or only at the current agenda item.

agenda with empower

Under "Elements", you can select "Chapter Reference" for a better overview of the content slides or
the navigation bar for direct navigation between agenda items in Presentation mode. You can also display the slide numbers for the agenda items.

agenda with empower

If automatic updating is activated under "Agenda Settings", the slide numbers, navigation and chapter reference are automatically supplemented or updated when new slides are inserted or copied into the presentation or old slides are deleted from the presentation. When the Create Sections feature is enabled, the presentation is automatically divided into native PowerPoint sections according to the main items on the agenda.

agenda with empower

If the agenda contains so many items that they no longer fit on a single slide, the entire agenda can either be automatically resized to fit the size of the slide or distributed across multiple slides to prevent it from protruding beyond the slide. You can now move them within your presentation or insert additional content slides between the Agenda slides. Chapter headings and navigation are now automatically inserted on all content slides. The chapter headings show the complete path of the current agenda item including all levels.

agenda with empower


The navigation shows all agenda items of the first level and highlights the current agenda item, so that you know exactly where you are in your presentation. In presentation mode, you can use the navigation to jump directly to the relevant agenda item. The individual agenda items are also linked on the agenda slides, so that you can jump to any other agenda item with just one click. If there are later changes to the Agenda, please always execute them in the Agenda Editor. Simply click on the agenda in the presentation and select "Edit agenda". Alternatively, you can also access the Agenda Editor directly via the Agenda button in the empower® bar.

agenda with empower


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