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Corporate design relaunch: Update PowerPoint presentations easily

Theresa Spiller
April 30, 2020

An important topic for any corporate design relaunch is MS Office. Corporate design includes the layout and appearance of MS Office documents. A relaunch often requires the creation of new templates and updating existing documents, especially PowerPoint presentations.

Of course, a corporate design relaunch should also ensure that the new design is consistently used after the relaunch. In this article, we explain how updating old PowerPoint presentations to a new corporate design-compliant presentation can be achieved with just two mouse clicks.

Corporate design relaunch: Where do you stand?

Do you plan to change your company’s corporate design in the near future? Or are you already in the middle of a design revamp? In either case, many aspects of the company’s brand need attention. This starts with strategic requirements, continues with internal and external communication processes, and ends with the media that need to be adapted. In this article we focus on MS Office and especially PowerPoint.


Makes me very happy as a user see an example in this video:



Corporate design changes in PowerPoint presentations – only 2 mouse clicks away

How do you deal with presentations that employees created in the past? Manually updating presentations can incur an immense amount of work. Implementing a new corporate design in templates, masters, or existing presentations can be extremely labor-intensive.

empower® Slides provides a simple solution. The empower® Slides PowerPoint add-in can update an entire presentation to a new corporate design with just two mouse clicks. The empower® consulting team will help you incorporate your new design requirements in PowerPoint via the empower® Slides add-in so that your presentations conform to your new corporate design – format, color scheme, logos, etc.

Going forward, with just a couple of clicks, you achieve an 80-90% – and sometimes 100% – success rate when updating PowerPoint presentations and templates.


Typical requirements for a new corporate design in PowerPoint:

  • Aspect ratio change (e.g. 4:3 to 16:9)
  • Color scheme change
  • New master
  • New fonts
  • New logos
  • New pictures
  • Content slide reformatting etc.


How does empower® Slides convert old presentations to a new design?

The empower® Slides add-in automatically notifies you when a PowerPoint file doesn’t conform to corporate design guidelines. When you open an existing PowerPoint file, you’ll immediately see a red bar at the top of the presentation. If the presentation doesn’t comply with the new corporate design, even if it contains only minor violations, the message “Attention, this presentation does not correspond to the corporate design“ will appear in that red bar.

You can resolve any design issues easily:

  1. First, click “Show details“.

    empower® Slides performs a Corporate Design Check, analyzing the entire presentation and displaying the results in a task pane on the right side of the PowerPoint window. The Corporate Design Check task pane details whether and how the presentation violates the new corporate design, listing all discrepancies chronologically and in detail.

    You can work through each issue to correct them individually. Usually, however, you don’t have the time or motivation for detailed item-by-item correction. That’s true especially if you see the most serious violation: “You have the wrong template”.

  2. Click “Auto-Correct all errors“

    corporate design relaunch updating powerpoints

    empower® Slides’ intelligent algorithm transforms your PowerPoint presentation using your new corporate design configuration with this one click. You see the result immediately. Format changes usually involve no distortion. Fonts, colors, logos, and other details now match the new corporate design. So, with one click you’ve updated your MS Office PowerPoint presentation.

    corporate design relaunch updating powerpoints
    corporate design relaunch updating powerpoints

If you prefer to review and fix corporate design infringements in detail, the article “Corporate Design Check with empower® Slides“ explains how.


Advantages of the empower® Slides Corporate Design Check:

  • Time savings
  • Increased motivation and acceptance among employees
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced functionality
  • Minimal clicks
  • Fast implementation of the software
  • Intuitive of the best decisions we made in the branding project. A field report from our customer Merck.

This video shows how empower® helped our customer Merck with a significant brand relaunch in only six weeks. Brigitte Schneider was one of the responsible persons for Merck’s relaunch project. She describes her experience with empower®.


Do you want to learn more about empower® Slides?

empower® Slides includes many other features besides the Corporate Design check, such as an integrated company library. Our software makes PowerPoint tasks more efficient and easy. Learn more about the PowerPoint add-in empower® Slides.

Find more information about rebranding in our guide.

Rebranding in M&A whitepaper

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