New branding successfully implemented at Merck

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August 1, 2021

Merck is a leading science and technology company with around 60,000 employees working to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time to create a more sustainable future. From biopharmaceutical therapies to liquid crystals for smartphones or LCD televisions. 


"The introduction of empower®
was one of the best decisions we made within the branding

Brigitte Schneider, Head of Brand Design,
Merck KGaA


Implementing a new branding company-wide

In 2015, Merck conducted a comprehensive brand relaunch. New logo, new colors, new templates. A dramatic change in brand appearance was the goal.

But first, Merck faced the challenge of implementing the new branding internally. How to ensure that the new branding would be quickly adopted internally and used in daily work with Microsoft Office? Numerous PowerPoint presentations had to be converted into a new design. Which is enormously time-consuming - if you have to do the migration manually.

Merck instead implemented empower® company-wide for 60,000 employees within 6 weeks. This allowed users to convert old presentations with just a few clicks. The new templates and images were immediately available centrally company-wide. This is just one of the reasons why users describe empower® as a real "time saver".

Save time with empower®

Without empower® the rebranding would have required a lot of manual diligence. Thanks to the efficiency tools of empower®, the rebranding could be implemented time-efficiently and at the same time it was ensured that presentations complied with Merck's new corporate design. From day one, users were able to experience the new branding for themselves and bring it to life. For a strong brand appearance. 

Find out in our interview with Brigitte Schneider, for which three reasons Merck decided to use empower® and why the users love the tool so much. 

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