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4 Corporate Design Relaunch Challenges in MS Office Programs

Julia Hasberg
December 15, 2020

A corporate design relaunch can quickly turn into a mammoth task with many challenges to overcomeOne important job is successfully implementing a corporate design relaunch in MS Office programs. In this article you will learn what challenges you will face and how to deal with them. In addition, we will show you a video that demonstrates what corporate design relaunch in different MS Office programs can look like. 

Corporate design relaunch in MS Office Programs – a mammoth task 

corporate design relaunch is a massive undertaking. Besides a new definition of the brand strategy, the relaunch needs a design manual that sets out the new design guidelines. In addition, the budget must be agreed and personnel consulted. Frequently, external companies or agencies manage a corporate design relaunchInternal and external communication needs attention. You must explain the new brand appearance to your employees and your customers. 

4 key areas need attention in any corporate design relaunch:

  1. definition of the brand strategy/design manual
  2. budget and personnel planning
  3. control and management of agencies
  4. internal and external communication
corporate design relaunch tasks

(You can find additional information in our e-book "Corporate Design Management Success Factors")

Challenges facing any corporate design relaunch in MS Office programs

A corporate design relaunch presents companies with 4 major challenges regarding Microsoft Office:  

  1. Numerous MS Office programs: A corporate design relaunch affects all MS Office programs, whether presentations in PowerPoint, letter templates in Word, or signatures in Outlook.  
  2. Distribution of new design templates: Once new Office templates have been created based on the new design, they must be made available to all employees and collaborators.  
  3. Transfer from old to new: Existing content and documents must be updated to the new design. In our article "Corporate design relaunch for PowerPoint", we explain how to update old presentations quickly with empower®. 
  4. Future design relaunches: During any relaunch, it makes sense to think about future design adjustments and to build new templates so as to reduce the effort in future updates.  

challenges MS Office programs


empower® can help. empower® is a comprehensive add-in suite that integrates directly into MS Office. It includes a central library for all documents and templates, a central e-mail signature management system, and many productivity tools. With empower® you can easily provide your colleagues with new templates, transfer existing documents to a new design with just a few clicks (design check), and simplify future adjustments to the corporate design. 

Use case: the first day after the corporate design relaunch 

In our last live webinar on the topic "How to make your corporate design relaunch a success" our experts explained how empower® supports a company-wide corporate design relaunch and how a first day after the relaunch could look like in Office. We showed how to successfully master implementation of a corporate design relaunch in different MS Office programs, with the help of empower®.


What could the "road to empower®" look like? 

After watching the video, you may wonder what the road to empower® might look like?  

  1. Corporate design manual: First you need a corporate design manual. This manual explains and defines all new corporate design guidelines 
  2. Template creationYou create new Office templates based on the new design guidelines. We are happy to support you in the creation of your templates and we work with Germany's largest office agencies that create Word templates, PowerPoint masters, and e-mail signatures. 
  3. Optimization and setup: We support you during setup and offer different customization packages. You choose which services you need. We also support you with user training conducted by our empower® team, and with the installation and configuration of empower®. 
Corporate design relaunch in MS Office programs empower solutions

Master the corporate design relaunch with empower®

A corporate design relaunch presents your company with many challenges. It involves a great deal of communication and coordination. This includes the adaptation of Office templates and existing content of the individual Office applications. empower® supports you in the migration of slides, documents, and signatures into a new design and considerably reduces the effort of a relaunch 

We would be happy to show you empower® in a personal demo. Click "Get startedto contact us without obligation, to start a conversation about how we can help. 

You can find more information about rebranding here.

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