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The Excel add-in empower® sheets - work smarter not harder

Theresa Spiller
June 22, 2021

Are you looking for an efficient Microsoft Excel add-in to quickly create elegant spreadsheets with consistent tables, charts, and cell formatting? Then empower® sheets is the perfect solution for you. Our latest product in the empower® suite gives you access to corporate design-compliant templates and designs directly in Excel.

Our goal is to enable all Excel users to work more efficiently and stop wasting time on formatting tasks. In this article we explain the central functions of empower® sheets and how you and your company can benefit from them.

Formatting without our Excel add-in takes up 33% additional working time

We have investigated what causes trouble and costs a lot of time when working with Excel, and how layout as well as formatting work can be simplified. With empower® sheets, you access a central library of predefined templates and assets that let you create professional Excel documents in no time. Changes to templates are updated company-wide and every Excel document is 100% in line with your corporate design.

excel add-in work smarter not harderr

Key functions of empower® sheets:

  • Embed your corporate style guide in Excel
  • Provide centrally managed chart templates, table and cell styles
  • Integrate the template library directly in Excel
  • Select correct fonts, sizes, and colors
  • Access the most often used Excel functions more easily

Further benefits of empower® sheets

  • Integrates with existing applications such as DAM, PIM, Teams, and SharePoint
  • Quarterly updates and hands-on setup option for easy setup
  • Specially optimized for Microsoft 365
  • Minimized network traffic
  • Intelligent synchronization and caching
  • Lightning-fast access to and offline availability of content

Long-term outlook for more features:

  • Table size presets: presets can be provided in the library to format the columns of a table to the desired dimensions with one click
  • Default template for new workbooks: a template can be defined centrally in the library to be used as the default template for new workbooks for all users
  • Automatic detection and listing of erroneous references (formulas, data)

Save valuable time with the integrated template library

sheets integrated template library

The empower® sheets library provides templates and content to all users. The library allows you to search for templates and other assets directly within Excel. Templates can range from nearly empty workbooks containing only preset designs and layout settings to individual table styles, for example for project schedules. You can save, access, and use corporate design-compliant Excel templates and other elements.

Freely definable folder structure and permission control

  • Optimally coordinated, targeted provision to company divisions, departments, user groups, or individual users
  • Process/workflow support

With our Excel add-in you can achieve fast and consistent formatting of workbooks

Example: You want to format your data as a table to match your corporate design. You select one of the styles available in the library and add it to your workbook. Now you can call the newly added table style right in the workbook and apply it to your data.

  1. Preview of your excel workbook for tables.

    sheets tables excel add-in

  2. Double-click on an empower® table style set you like.

    sheets table templates excel add-in

  3. Again open excel workbook for tables and use your custom Set from the first row.

    sheets table templates custom ribbon excel add-in

The same applies to cell styles, such as cell highlights. You simply select these from the library, add them to your workbook by double-clicking, and then apply them to the cells you want.

sheets cell styles

You can also quickly add charts in a corporate design-compliant style either by adding a chart to your data or by first selecting the relevant data and then double-clicking the desired style. Double-clicking on one of these styles will add a new chart in the style associated with that data.

sheets chart styles

More productivity with the empower® ribbon tab

empower sheets ribbon

The first thing you will notice is the empower® sheets tab in the Excel ribbon. We designed the empower® tab based on a user study in order to surface the most frequently used functions so you do not have to switch laboriously between different PowerPoint tabs. The empower® tab provides access to all empower® functions and to the template library. It also contains certain formatting tools that are preconfigured specifically for your corporate design. This includes, for example, the font and color pickers.

Corporate design compliant productivity tools: Format pickers for fonts, colors, and cell formatting, as well as table and chart templates, ensure that every Excel document conforms 100% to your corporate design.

empower your business with the empower® sheets Excel add-in

empower® sheets reduces formatting work when creating Excel documents using design-compliant templates, charts, and tables. Font and color pickers ensure that every Excel report matches your brand.

This concludes our very brief overview of our Excel add-in empower® sheets. For more information, take a look on our website at empower® sheets or feel free to ask us any questions about empower®. We would be happy to get in touch with you.

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