people from our company - Robin Noack

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September 5, 2019

In our monthly section “people from our company” you will get to know the empower® team. Our employees introduce themselves and talk about their beginnings, their everyday work and everything they have to say about themselves. This month you will get to know our Director of Project Development and Product Owner of empower® Docs & Mails: Robin Noack.people from our company - Robin Noack

"When I joined empower® in 2009, the company was still in its starting blocks. A former school friend told me that an exciting software start-up had just been founded in Cologne that was looking for an employee. I applied for the job and I was actually the person they were looking for. The position at that time (project management and software development) suited my wishes and qualifications very well. I was attracted by the challenges and perspectives of building a company from the very beginning, but my affinity for (Microsoft) Office was also an important reason for my decision. However, the decisive factor was the chemistry with Stephan and Fabian, which fit perfectly.

Today I can call myself Director Project Development, Product Owner empower® Docs & Mails. My team and I work together on new projects and are constantly developing further our software. After 9 years with empower®, there are some great memories. As something very special I remembered the moment when I came to the KölnTurm for the first time shortly before the move into this new office. I enjoyed the stunning view over Cologne from the 40th floor. This gave me the certainty that the decision to join a company a few years earlier whose offices were part of the two founders' shared flat, was the right one.

Not only the office grew in the past years, but also the empower® team. With meanwhile 50 committed, loving and helpful people with outstanding know-how, we facilitate other people's work in the office environment on a daily basis in order to create space for them for the really exciting and important tasks. That's why our products are a big step for us, but an even bigger step for everyone who works with Office applications in their job.

In our daily office life, there are not only focused work but also things that we laugh about. At our team events we also have a lot of fun, so that the next day is a bit more exhausting from time to time, but there is also a great cohesion between the colleagues. I continue to look forward to all the sunny days when I can cycle to the office, solve problems and move the business forward."

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