BioNTech saves resources

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August 1, 2021

BioNTech was founded in 2008 with the aim of developing pioneering therapies for cancer and other serious diseases. Over 1300 employees are helping to take cancer immunotherapy into the next generation. BioNTech's headquarters are located in Mainz, Germany. 

Like most biotechnology companies, BioNTech presents results and evaluations using numerous PowerPoint presentations. And this is combined with a high demand on design and aesthetics. And a high expenditure of resources. The former had to be maximized and the latter minimized. 

Slides like from a graphic designer

The company found a suitable tool in empower®. A few days after signing the contract, empower® users could easily collaborate on presentations and manage slides using the library. Templates and design tools in PowerPoint make slides look like they came from a designer's hand. In addition, empower® enables quick migration of old presentations to a new master with just a few clicks. 

BioNTech creates presentations like a graphic professional
With empower®, BioNTech received a productivity boost. It has been shown that empower® is a true resource saver. Especially in terms of time and external resources. Also the Mac users are happy about more time and design optimized slides with empower®.

Tell us about your challenges with MS Office and we will show you how empower® can support you. Contact us!

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