Seven.One Media increases active sales time with empower®

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January 26, 2022

With ProSieben, SAT.1, and Kabel Eins, Seven.One Media markets some of the best-known brands in the German media world. To do this, Seven.One Media works closely with advertising partners to design cross-media campaigns and establish new advertising opportunities. More than 100 sales employees are responsible for advising customers and preparing offers. Our case study shows exactly how this is done and how empower® supports them.

Selling in focus

To create and present its offers, Seven.One Media uses two different systems - Salesforce and PowerPoint. With empower®, the marketing expert has integrated both systems. Offer presentations can be created directly from Salesforce. Instead of spending a lot of time on creating presentations and correcting errors when transferring data from Salesforce, empower® enables the sales team to concentrate fully on selling.

"The PowerPoint add-in empower® enables us to create customized offer presentations with just a few clicks directly from Salesforce. By avoiding a system break in the sales process, we significantly increase the active sales time of our sales staff."

Lennart Harendza, Managing Director at Seven.One Media GmbH

The introduction of empower® has really paid off for Seven.One Media: time savings of almost 15 minutes per offer presentation leads to a return on investment of 300 %.

Our case study on Seven.One Media shows how exactly the integration and the process of offer generation works:


Are you facing similar challenges? Contact us and we will show you how you can integrate your existing applications with empower® and save time and work.

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