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The Ultimate Global PowerPoint Study

The biggest pitfalls in PowerPoint and what we can do about it - conducted by Nielsen

PowerPoint Study

How do company employees work in PowerPoint worldwide?

What eats up the largest amount of time when using PowerPoint?

How do presentations can strengthen or undermine your brand?

What really eats up our time and what you can do about it.

How to use PowerPoint more efficiently and strengthen your business

PowerPoint is omnipresent in today’s working world. Whenever people want to inform and exchange information with each other, Microsoft’s presentation software plays a key role. Regardless of the industry context, department, or topic, PowerPoint is at home in almost every office and a part of most meetings. When teams increasingly work together over long distances, slides and presentations have become even more important for communication. However, for all its strengths, PowerPoint also takes up a lot of time and can weaken productivity.

PowerPoint Study Summary

The study makes one thing clear: Hidden pitfalls, unforeseen opportunities

The PowerPoint study makes one thing clear: PowerPoint is an integral part of the everyday work of the vast majority of corporate employees, but its use across all industries and departments is not optimal. The study sets out decisive starting points for how to use PowerPoint more effectively.

The biggest B2B PowerPoint Study

Th global PowerPoint study is the most comprehensive study on the use of PowerPoint in a business environment. More than 2,000 office workers from different industries contributed to the online survey.

The study covers the following topics:

  • Proportion of working time spent using PowerPoint
  • Number of presentations created per employee
  • Biggest time wasters in PowerPoint
  • Corporate design conformity of presentations
  • Comparison of different departments and positions
  • PowerPoint skills and training requirements
  • Potential solutions to increase efficiency

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PowerPoint Study

Create more time for more important things

Increase your productivity in PowerPoint by 22%

empower® supports you in counteracting these problems and enhances PowerPoint as true productivity asset: a powerful tool that streamlines complex work with just a few clicks and automates recurring tasks. A customer survey showed that users of empower® Slides reduced the amount of time spent on Office by 22%, while significantly increasing presentations’ conformity with companies’ corporate design.



Searching for existing slides to re-use is one of the biggest time wasters when working with PowerPoint. With the empower® Library all your organization’s slides are easily accessible and always up-to-date.



A high proportion of your time in PowerPoint is spent with formatting slides. With empower® Slides you can format slides most automatically and create presentations 22 % faster.


brand compliant

empower® embeds your house style in PowerPoint. The Template Library, Color and Font Picker and Design Check in empower® Slides ensure that every presentation consistently reflects your corporate design and reinforces your brand.