Content creation in companies - easy, quick, and efficient

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October 10, 2022

Content creation means more than the creation of multimedia content for the web or social media. In a corporate business context, content creation refers to creating documents of any kind, such as presentations, offers, or reports.

The bigger the company, the more content employees create every day. But did you know that your employees spend about 2.5 hours a week formatting documents?

Our empower® Content Creation Solution can help!

Content creation in companies

Excel and PowerPoint are among the biggest time guzzlers in office work and certainly among the biggest frustration factors for many employees. It’s not uncommon for employees to put in overtime because formatting documents ate a large part of their workday, so they could not finish other tasks. However, these productivity applications are needed for many important documents. Excel is used to prepare reports, track all kinds of figures, and document developments. PowerPoint is used to present reports, prepare sales presentations, and create product and training documents.


Efficient content creation is essential for your company

Employees are the most important resource of every company because their work is what keeps businesses alive. However, formatting tasks in Excel and PowerPoint waste your employees’ time. Even if your employees are experts in formatting, many minor formatting tasks add up. That’s a lot of time your employees could spend on more meaningful and important tasks – like focusing on the actual content of the presentation, which tends to fall short due to time-consuming formatting.  

Eliminating this time waster frees up your employees with less frustration, and delivers the benefits of increased productivity and the added value your employees create.

efficient content creation in companies


Content creation for corporate decisions

Another important point is reporting. Many important business decisions are made based on reports and the facts they contain. And how are facts predominantly presented in companies? Most effectively in the form of a PowerPoint report.

To make data-based decisions, these documents must be correct, precise, and understandable. This is especially true for diagrams. When manually transferring and preparing figures, even the most skilled employees can make mistakes that can have immense consequences, despite the fact that they were not intended. Not to mention the time it takes to transfer and format data manually!


How can the empower® Content Creation Solution help?

We took a close look at the biggest time wasters in Microsoft Office applications and considered how we can relieve employees of work in the most effective way. Our empower® add-in for PowerPoint streamlines and accelerates content creation for every user. 


Create complex charts easily

Our PowerPoint add-in makes creating charts in PowerPoint a breeze. The range of available diagrams and features goes far beyond what PowerPoint offers. For example, you and your employees can easily create Gantt charts and waterfall diagrams – all properly formatted without any additional effort. That alone saves about a third of the time spent working in PowerPoint.

Create Gantt charts easily


Reports: uniform and automated

Our solution allows you to link Excel spreadsheets with PowerPoint charts. If you make changes to an Excel chart, the corresponding chart in PowerPoint updates automatically. Eliminate the risk of careless mistakes when transferring data, which you could pass on to your customers!

With our Consistency Check, you can verify the uniformity of your presentation. If our tool detects inconsistencies, you can correct them in the entire presentation with only one click.

efficient content creation company consistency check


Presentation creation in the blink of an eye

The handy Layout Tools in our PowerPoint add-in make it a breeze for you and your employees to create attractive presentations. It simplifies the placement, scaling, and arrangement of elements. And with our slide templates, you can create presentations in a flash.

Content Creation in Unternehmen Layout Tools Präsentationen

Particularly interesting for internationally operating brands: our add-in enables integration with your Deepl package so you can translate presentations into all available languages without any loss of formatting in PowerPoint.

Content Creation Deepl Übersetzung Präsentationen


Why your company should use the empower® Content Creation Solution

We know Microsoft Office like the back of our hand. We have developed our empower® Content Creation Solution based on thorough research into the biggest time wasters in Office. Take a look at the results of the research in our Office study.

S&P already rely on our solution and have increased productivity by an average of 30% since implementation.

Have we sparked your curiosity about how our solution can support your employees? Please contact us! Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to explain how your employees can increase productivity when creating presentations.

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