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November 23, 2022

"Jeez, where was that presentation from last quarter again?" "That looks like the right report, but is it the most recent version?" We have all been there, the document search adventure. Not only does it often lead to rising frustration, it also eats up a significant portion of the workday. The empower® Content Enablement solution ensures that searching for the latest documents becomes a cakewalk.

What exactly is content enablement?

Content enablement is the creation of a well-organized digital structure for managing content across the entire company. It helps ensure that content has a positive impact on business performance. It simplifies collaboration by storing and distributing files in an organized manner so employees can easily find the right content in the most current version.


Why content enablement is important for your company

Even without spending a long time searching for previous reports, presentations, or recent data series, working in Microsoft Office can be frustrating enough. A clear content enablement solution eliminates one frustration factor.

Content Enablement frustration factor

Finding documents efficiently delivers advantages not only for employees but also for companies: employees have more time for more relevant tasks. Making documents easier to find also means more transparency about how up-to-date documents are. The better you manage your content, the more confident you can be that people are always using the most up-to-date versions of files and the latest corporate design in their documents.


What are the challenges of content enablement?

To make sense of chaos and bring order to your document strategy, the biggest challenge is to create a sustainable digital management structure. You need a solution that scales and evolves to support your company’s evolution.  But the challenge does not stop there!

Both in terms of content accuracy and corporate design compliance, all your employees must use the most up-to-date documents or templates. But how can you enforce company-wide document and corporate design updates in a timely manner, and ensure that all employees are using the latest documents that you provide them?


Our empower® Content Enablement solution for Microsoft Office

empower® has developed a solution that enables your employees to find content quickly and easily. Our add-in allows you to search for documents directly in all of the office applications.


Central empower® Library for all your content

All your templates, presentations, and documents are stored in a central library. Everyone can access the files directly within Office applications - such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or Teams  - and insert and edit slides, text modules, tables, diagrams, or entire templates into documents and presentations.

The empower® Library folder structure organizes all content at a glance. A Google-like search function finds documents in an instant: the search algorithm considers not only document names, but also notes, metadata, and linked Excel spreadsheets and charts. The results are sorted according to their relevance to the keyword, just like in Google. Content in SharePoint can also be included in searches.

empower for Microsoft Teams video

All PowerPoint slides up to date

Whether instructions, reports, or current sales and company presentations - a growing amount of information is being created and stored in PowerPoint. But company information can change quickly. Who ensures that all slides are updated company-wide? Our solution allows you to view all slides individually in your own slide library, edit them, and deploy company-wide updates. All slides are automatically updated at all locations without any further action from your employees.

empower slide library video

Secure with access rights

Make sure that only authorized people have access or editing rights to your documents! You can assign access rights very easily. Just decide who gets which permissions. There are four types of rights: Reader, Author, Editor, and (Corporate Design) Administrator. You can make sure that unauthorized persons cannot change company-wide slides.

Translations and pictures directly in Microsoft Office

Optionally, you can integrate your DeepL package into our solution. Translate your documents directly within PowerPoint with just a few clicks. Our solution also allows you to create linked language versions without losing format. When changes are made in one language, the corresponding slides of the other language will indicate the change and you can adjust the slide.

Content Enablement Translation

If requested, we can also link our solution to your existing DAM systems so that you can use all images and icons from your DAM system directly in Microsoft Office.



Why you should choose the empower® Content Enablement solution

Simplify work in Microsoft Office and eliminate one of the biggest time wasters when working with Office applications - searching for the right content! With the empower® Content Enablement Solution, everyone has quick and easy access to the content they need. Your employees have more time for essential tasks and at the same time documents embody better design conformity and professionalism.

Contact us! Our experts look forward to presenting you with the perfect solution for your company.

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