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How to embed PowerPoint fonts – Microsoft Cloud Fonts

Theresa Spiller
February 14, 2020

You want to embed your PowerPoint fonts and are curious how best to do so. You want to avoid converting your in-house font to a standard office font. This problem often occurs when transmitting a PowerPoint presentation or presentations to external systems.
In this article, you will learn how to install your own unique font in standard PowerPoint. Also you will learn how to use the new, smart solution of Microsoft Cloud Fonts to avoid conversions back to standard office fonts.


The problem: Fallback to standard font

You are certainly familiar with this problem: Your company has an original house font, which is installed on all computers in the company. Now you want to forward your PowerPoint presentation to an external person. But this person tells you that the typeface appears different and does not match the design. This is due to the contrast from the font of a document and the regular fonts stored in PowerPoint. In this case the unknown typeface is replaced by a standard typeface as a fallback for the recipient of the presentation.


Unwanted font transformation leads to corporate design violation

By converting to a common office font, the effect of your company font fades. In addition, your corporate design is breached, which leads to the loss of visual consonance. Also, this process can even make your text look unprofessional or cause display errors when converted to the regular office font.


To avoid this problem, we have put together the following two modifications for you:

  1. Embed PowerPoint fonts
  2. Microsoft Cloud Fonts as an alternative


Embed PowerPoint fonts

In PowerPoint you have the possibility to embed a typeface directly into the presentation. This font is then saved as part of the presentation and can be visible on external systems. The immense disadvantage of this option is that the file size of your presentation expanses significantly.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Click on “Save as”.
  2. Then select “Save Options”.

    How to embed PowerPoint fonts - Microsoft Cloud Fonts as an alternative

  3. Click the “Embed fonts in the file” checkbox

    Here you have two options:

    3.1 The first option “Embed only the characters used in the presentation” is mainly used to ensure visualization.
    3.2 The second option “Embed all characters” further ensures that the user can edit all embedded characters and not only those used in the current presentation.

  4. Click on “OK” to confirm your selection.

How to embed PowerPoint fonts - Microsoft Cloud Fonts as an alternative

Now your special font is installed in your PowerPoint presentation and can therefore also be played back on external systems without any problems.


Microsoft Cloud Fonts as an alternative

With Office 365, you have the option of using cloud fonts. These are hosted by Microsoft Office in the cloud and are therefore available in Office without having to embed them in a document. All you need to do is download the font once. The font is then also available on external systems.

The broad selection of fonts is ideal for choosing a new corporate font. There are many fonts included that do not correspond to the standard PowerPoint stock and therefore appear individual.

Here you can find an archive of all Microsoft Cloud Fonts.

To guarantee that your company font is used according to the corporate design, we recommend using the add-in empower® slides. This PowerPoint add-in ensures that your employees can only use the corporate font in PowerPoint. With empower® slides you can provide that the design in PowerPoint always conforms to the brand. To ensure that your corporate design guidelines are followed in addition to the company typeface, the add-in integrates the corporate design check. This check can, for example, check every slide in regard to the corporate design. Even outdated presentations can be easily transferred to your new design with the help of empower® slides.

Learn more about empower® slides.


Cloud Fonts in MS Office as a simple solution for embedded fonts in PowerPoint

Microsoft Cloud Fonts are an exciting and modern alternative to traditional embedding. They offer a constructive way to avoid the conversion of in-house fonts to Office standard fonts and large amounts of data in a presentation. Although this Office function can only be used with the Office 365 subscription, it is still impressive due to its simplicity. Check to see if your house font is included in the cloud fonts, or be sure to consider the Microsoft Office cloud font option when choosing a new house font.

Do you regularly face the problem that your documents do not match your corporate design? Are you looking for exciting tools to solve this issue? We would be happy to counsel you and show you in a non-obligational demo according to how empower® slides can support you.

Arrange a free demo.

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