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July 28, 2020

ABUS is the market leader for preventive security technology. The company serves a wide range of products and was faced with the challenge of keeping the broad variety of PowerPoint product presentations up to date at all times and expanding them quickly – with a minimum of manual effort.

With empower®, ABUS saves over 100 hours a year in PowerPoint presentation management

"With the empower® PIM interface we were able to almost completely avoid the enormous manual effort of creating and updating numerous product presentations".

– Torsten Mühlhoff, Corporate Projects, ABUS


Initial situation: time-consuming presentation management

ABUS has implemented the Informatica PIM system to manage several hundred products (with thousands of different articles). Each product relevant for a PowerPoint presentation is created in a bilingual product portfolio with 8-16 slides each. Therefore, the entire portfolio consists of thousands of slides, which must be continuously updated or newly created. Yet, the time required by ABUS employees to create and update all slides was very high. ABUS wants to minimize and facilitate this extremely laborious work. At the same time, a slide or presentation library should allow easier maintenance. In addition, it has also been very cumbersome to provide all field staff and trainers with the latest content. They have only been provided with the latest product presentations once or twice a year by hand and on site at great expense of time.

For this reason, ABUS was looking for technologies that could significantly improve the current situation.


empower® as a solution

Since product information is provided in the form of PowerPoint presentations, ABUS quickly became aware of empower® as the market leader in PowerPoint add-ins. The basic idea for the use of empower® was to offer all field staff and trainers access to all current documents via the empower® Library - even on mobile iPads. Another advantage was the integration of empower® with the PIM system, as it allows new information from the PIM system to be automatically imported into the empower® Library. In addition, the empower® Library contains master and slide templates that every employee can use to create a new presentation. This saves time and effort and ensures compliance with the corporate design.

PIM Schnittstelle presentations efficient and mobile


A lean process to a new presentation – an application example

One example of a new product innovation is the bicycle lock with app function. As soon as product management has published the article in the PIM system, a presentation is automatically created – at a pre-defined schedule – and integrated into the library. Here, authorized employees can add training information, for example. Thus, a trainer or sales representative can directly access the latest product presentation of the bicycle lock via the empower® Library on his iPad.

ABUS PIM Beispiel presentations efficient and mobile

Before: without empower®

  • Tedious manual creation and updating of product presentations
  • High expenditure of time: weeks of updating product presentations (> 100 hours each year)
  • Elaborate distribution of product presentations to trainers and sales representatives (once or twice a year)
  • Partially unclear workflow of presentation updates through e-mail traffic
  • Higher susceptibility to errors: partial deviations from the corporate design in PowerPoint presentations
  • Delayed provision of product information


After: with empower®

  • New products and updates in the PIM system are automatically created or updated in the empower® Library as a presentation
  • All presentations are available to employees regardless of location and are updated daily
  • Company-wide update messages (manual additions to presentations are published company-wide)
  • Presentations and slides can be updated by any employee with one click
  • Brand conformity: All presentations are in the same style through master templates, slide templates and the corporate design check
  • Fewer errors when creating and sharing presentations across the company
  • Clear, structured slide library
  • Prompt provision of product information


Optimize PowerPoint presentations for creation, updating and distribution

Today at ABUS the processes around PowerPoint presentations are more efficient, up-to-date and time-saving. The enormous effort required to gather and format content in the area of product presentations is now almost completely eliminated. ABUS is delighted that it can now provide its trainers and field staff with up-to-date product presentations at any time. This means that training courses and customer discussions are now always based on the latest product information.

Would you like to see more examples? We would be pleased to present empower® to you in a non-binding demo. Start now and make an appointment today.

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