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Our add-in for MS PowerPoint with a slide library, corporate design check and productivity tools


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint to create professional charts like waterfall and gantt charts in no time


Our add-in for MS Word to create consistent documents with all legal information up-to-date


Our add-in for MS Outlook to manage email signatures for enterprises


Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time


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Made in Office is now empower®

Theresa Spiller
May 4, 2020

Our new website is online and it’s official: Made in Office is now empower®.
empower® – be your best at work. After 15 years as Made in Office, we’ve decided to update our identity. So we’re celebrating both an anniversary and also the launch of empower® as our new brand.

From now on we’ll focus 100% on our empower® products. So we’ve created a new appearance with a new domain and website. Made in Office GmBH remains our company name. But going forward, Made in Office takes a back seat as a brand.


empower® – a success story

Our story began in 2005, when Fabian Willebrand and Stephan Kuhnert founded a company together in Cologne, Germany – Made in Office GmbH – to transform how people work with MS Office: making Office easier, more consistent, and more efficient. Now, 15 years later with offices in New York, Paris, London, and Zurich, we provide our empower® customers internationally with world-class, market-leading products, services, and support.

made in office is now empower

Singular focus on empower®

We’re proud to serve more than 1,400,000 users worldwide. Our portfolio consists exclusively of empower® MS Office add-ins such as empower® slides and empower® docs. Because our empower® products integrate with the MS Office applications everyone uses every day, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, our customers and users associate our company primarily with the empower® name and not with Made in Office GmbH.

made in office is now empower

For us, “empower” isn’t just a word; it describes our company’s mission: strengthen – improve – optimize. empower® makes us what we are.


Made in Office formerly empower® from now on

For us, “empower” isn’t just a word; it describes our company’s mission: strengthen – improve – optimize. empower® makes us what we are.

With empower® as our brand we focus on our purpose right away. Our new identity describes both our products and our values. We emphasize our culture as a company.

We offer comprehensive and easy to use add-ins for all MS Office and Office 365 applications. For example, the most-used PowerPoint add-in is empower® slides. It enables our users to build better PowerPoints more efficiently and with higher quality; it optimizes their productivity and effectiveness, while saving time and money. We support each user and give clear and actionable tips without overburdening them with large amounts of data.

See the empower® product range.


empower® #1 for Microsoft

partner empower

Microsoft is one of our customers and uses empower® to manage its extensive slide libraries. empower® also forms part of the Microsoft Compatibility Lab. This close relationship with Microsoft ensures that our software is always compatible with the latest MS Office updates.


“We call empower® the ‘gold standard’ of how Office products should be developed.” – Alyssa Le, VP Business Development at Standard & Poor’s

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. When our customers succeed, we do too, and vice versa. This is another aspect of our empower® call to action and the basis of our success: be your best at work by following simple, uniform, and efficient best practices. That mission starts with our employees, continues in cooperation and implementation with our customers, and increases the success of every user. Our customers report great adoption and satisfaction with empower® because, for instance, they can easily update all presentations to a new corporate design, thanks to our user-friendly add-ins.

Have a look at some of our success stories.


Progress and innovation

empower® evolves based on our experience and imagination, and feedback from our customers. Our developers constantly optimize and innovate our products, testing and implementing new functionality. We work closely with the Microsoft Office developer team to define the API for Microsoft’s new web add-ins. Regular updates to the empower® products ensure a continuous extension of features.

Here too empower® reflects our core principle: getting the best from yourself.


Empower your company

Have we sparked your interest? Our consultants will advise you free of charge and provide you with a test version configured for you. Find out more about empower® on our website.

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