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Templafy alternative: empower® – the MS Office productivity booster

July 19, 2022

With our empower® add-ins, you improve your Microsoft Office efficiency and also your brand! Save time when working in Microsoft Office and never worry about the formatting of your documents ever again. With the empower® add-ins you can verify your documents for compliance with your corporate design easily and correct violations with just a few clicks. Our empower® Integrations also simplify data and brand asset management. Learn more about the smart Templafy alternative!

The alternative to Templafy1

Why is empower® the best efficiency booster for Microsoft Office? Quite simply because we know exactly how best to support our clients and where the time wasters in Office lurk. Did you know that people spend about one third of their working time in Microsoft Office formatting documents? And yet only half of all documents comply with their corporate design. On top of that, they lose a lot of time searching for PowerPoint slides.

Our solution: an add-in for PowerPoint, developed by our long-time PowerPoint professionals in collaboration with Microsoft.

Global Office Study

More tools for more time

Our solution includes tools for corporate design compliance as well as a clear and centralized Slide Library.

Layout tools by empower Visualization

More than 50 Layout Tools help you design and format your slides. Align elements with just a few clicks and automate the arrangement, scaling, and positioning of content.

Even more tools let you create professional diagrams, like comprehensive Gantt charts and elegant waterfall diagrams. Whether a multi-year roadmap or a short project, empower® Charts helps you create Gantt charts in no time. Milestones, tasks, delays, and many more icons make your chart even more concise.


Strengthen your brand

Especially after a corporate design relaunch or rebranding, it is important to quickly ensure company-wide uniformity. With the automatic slide migration and the Design Check features of empower® you are perfectly equipped for the task.

The slide migration feature enables rapid updating of individual slides or entire presentations to a new design. Design Check scans your presentations for conformity to the new design – and it can correct any deviations with just one click. Achieve company-wide uniformity in brand communication with just a few clicks.

empower® perfectly integrates into your company

empower® Integrations create a standardized content management structure for your organization. Your content systems are linked intelligently by empower® so images and icons from your DAM system can be easily inserted into documents. External sources such as SharePoint or PIM systems automatically synchronize with the empower® Library, keeping everything up to date.

Create documents automatically. No more time-consuming and monotonous copying and pasting. Since flexibility is key, we can develop individual solutions for you, completely according to your wishes.

templafy alternative empower integrations


Strengthen collaboration in your company

Our collaborative Slide Library ensures a clear and up-to-date exchange of information and data. empower® goes one step further than most providers: individual slides and complete presentations can be edited, updated, and saved by employees in the empower® Library itself. This makes working on joint presentations a breeze.

More benefits of the Templafy1 alternative – empower®


1. Google-like search

One of the biggest time wasters in Office is searching for documents and files. empower®’s Google-like search function finds documents in a flash – even directly in Microsoft Teams!


2. Design Check

With the Design Check you can ensure that all your presentations comply with your corporate design. The Design Check finds discrepancies? With just one click, these are corrected so that you and your co-workers don't have to waste any more time on formatting.

templafy alternative empower productivity booster

3. DeepL integration – built-in translation

Especially useful for international businesses: empower® can integrate your DeepL package directly into PowerPoint. With empower® Slides you can automatically translate slides directly within PowerPoint with just a few clicks and without any loss of formatting.


Get started with the Templafy1 alternative now!

Did we spark your curiosity about our Templafy1 alternative? You can test our solution at any time for free and without any obligations. Learn more about the timesaving empower® Suite!

Let your employees focus on the essentials instead of wasting time formatting and searching for the right content!

Contact us today and get started with our efficiency booster!

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1 Templafy is a registered trademark of Templafy Deutschland GmbH.

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