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Our add-in for MS PowerPoint with a slide library, corporate design check and productivity tools


Our add-in for MS PowerPoint to create professional charts like waterfall and gantt charts in no time


Our add-in for MS Word to create consistent documents with all legal information up-to-date


Our add-in for MS Outlook to manage email signatures for enterprises


Our add-in for MS Excel to create highly professional Excel spreadsheets in no time


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Get practical office tips, inspirational stories, and exclusive market assessments of the MS Office world


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empower PowerPoint Add-in

The empower® PowerPoint add-in: the most popular PowerPoint plug-in

With the empower®PowerPoint extension you can manage your PowerPoint content, strengthen your brand, and work more productively!

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With more than 2 million users, empower® is the most used MS Office add-in for corporations.



All slides, presentations, and templates are available directly in PowerPoint with the PowerPoint add-in. Update slides company-wide with one click and assemble presentations together in seconds. Learn more →



Never spend hours scrubbing slides or formatting diagrams again and enjoy more time for what matters. Reduce your work time in PowerPoint by up to 30%. Save yourself and your colleagues 2 hours every week.
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brand compliant

Strengthen your brand communication with the empower® plug-in and secure your corporate design in every PowerPoint presentation.
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empower® gives you more time for more important tasks

Easy easy

The PowerPoint add-in for easy slide management

With the PowerPoint extension empower® slides you manage all your content like presentations, slides, templates, and images for the whole company. With the efficient google-like search you never have to spend hours looking for the right slides again. All content is always up-to-date. Changes to slides or templates can be updated company-wide at the touch of a button. Easily manage and automatically translate your content in multiple languages. Create highly professional charts such as waterfall or Gantt charts as easy as pie with the empower® charts plug-in.

The empower® PowerPoint plug-in offers you:

  • Enterprise-wide management of presentations, slides, images, charts, tables, icons, and videos
  • All content available directly in PowerPoint
  • Easily find the right content using Google-like search
  • Automatic content updates for the entire company
  • Easy creation of complex diagrams like waterfall or Gantt charts
  • Access to all images of your DAM system directly in PowerPoint possible
  • Rights management possible within the PowerPoint add-in via Active Directory
  • Multilingual content management
  • Simple template management
  • All content also available offline

Enhance efficiency with the empower® PowerPoint add-in

Productivity_Booster efficient

Create presentations 30% faster

Our PowerPoint study identified the biggest PowerPoint productivity enemies. They include formatting slides and diagrams and searching for the right content. Our empower® PowerPoint plug-in eliminates both of those time-wasters and presentations are created up to 30% faster.

Pre-formatted content is made available in a central empower® library, directly in PowerPoint. The efficient empower® google-like search allows you to find the right slides in seconds. You can create charts with just a few clicks and automatically visualize the key message of your data with growth arrows. Automatic agenda slides help you structure your presentations. Other productivity tools make it easy to format newly created slides.

The advantages of empower® that boost efficiency in your company:

  • Pre-formatted content available directly in PowerPoint
  • Easy presentation assembly using the empower® template library and existing content
  • Efficient search for quickly finding the right content
  • Smart layout tools that perfectly position elements on slides
  • Creation of automatic agenda slides incorporating corporate design at the push of a button
  • Excel data automatically linked with PowerPoint charts and tables
  • Arrows such as growth, CAGR, and delta arrows to charts with one click
  • DeepL integrated directly in PowerPoint for quick translations

Strengthen your brand with the leading PowerPoint add-in

Brand_Strengthener brand compliant

Any presentation in your corporate design

In our PowerPoint study conducted by Nielsen, we found that one out of every two presentations does not match the corporate brand. That causes great damage to your brand and external communication, because a large number of presentations are shared with external parties.

With the empower® PowerPoint add-in you can integrate your design guidelines directly into PowerPoint. That enables all your colleagues to create presentations as well as diagrams that comply with your brand. empower®'s Design Check analyzes every presentation for design compliance and corrects any errors. A new design can be applied with one click, perfectly supporting a rebranding in MS Office. Improve your communication and strengthen your brand with empower®!

The empower® PowerPoint add-in delivers many useful features for brand management:

  • Design guidelines in the form of font and color pickers are embedded directly in PowerPoint
  • The Design Check verifies compliance with corporate design in presentations and automatically corrects errors
  • Predefined slides, presentations, diagrams, images, and other brand assets are available directly in PowerPoint
  • Apply a new design to existing slides or presentations with one click
  • Provide up-to-date master templates every time PowerPoint starts
  • Support any number of brands with custom colors and fonts

For more information on the features of empower® slides and empower® charts, please visit our product pages.

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