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A new take on PowerPoint presentations

Tobias Kablitz
January 22, 2018

Tip of the month january from Tim Türger, Senior Sales Manager at Made in Office


Create interactive presentations with sleek overview page and mouse-over effects.

Take advantage of hidden features of PowerPoint: forget about boring product brochures that are pages long – instead send your clients presentations that allows them to click and find everything instantly.

PowerPoint allows you to apply actions to elements that allow you to jump to a specific place in your presentation, play videos our sounds, and even open applications or run macros. This can be done with mouse clicks or mouse-overs – all without ever leaving your presentation.

The video below highlighs just a few of the endless possibilities:

This presentation can also be downloaded here:


interactive empower® suite brochure


Creating a navigation overview:

  1. Create the main presentation with the desired “buttons”.
  2. Duplicate the desired buttons and place these duplicates exactly over the originals.

  3. Insert a rectangular shape via “Insert” and “Shape”.

  4. Draw the shape across the whole slide and remove the fill color (context menu – fill – no fill).

  5. FIRST select the inserted rectangle, and then the duplicated buttons. Afterwards click on the then available Format menu – Merge Shapes – Subtract (the duplicated buttons will now be removed from the rectangle).


Creating mouse-over effect

  1. Click in the context menu of the slide overview to duplicate the slide (we want to create 4 duplicates for 4 buttons).

  2. Change the first button on the SECOND slide to its appearance after the mouse-over (we changed it to b/w).

  3. Repeat steps 7-10 for all other duplicated slides, while always altering the NEXT button to its mouse-over appearance (in our case to an image in b/w).

  4. Select the rectangle on the SECOND slide, then click on “Insert” and then on the “Action” button.
  5. In the new window change to “Action on mouse over”.

  6. Select “Hyperlink to” – “Slide…” and select the FIRST slide (in our case the one with the 4 colored buttons) and confirm with “OK”.

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for all other duplicated slides.


Linking the navigation overview with actual content slides

  1. Insert the other slides you wish to link to later into the presentation (we have inserted product brochures).

  2. Select the “Slide Show” tab – “Custom slide show” – “Custom shows…”.

  3. In the appearing window, click on “New”.

  4. Select the desired slides for this custom show to add them – confirm with “OK”.

  5. Select the element that is to perform the action.

  6. In the “Insert” tab click on “Action”.

  7. In these settings you can now select the desired action – in our case we want “Hyperlink to: “Custom Show…” and select the required presentation.

  8. Finally, you will need to hide all slides that aren’t to be seen in the Slide Show by selecting the slides in the slide overview and selecting “Hide Slide”.

PowerPoint Expert Hacks

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