PowerPoint Add-In for macOS: Corporate Design in 2 Steps

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February 24, 2021

Are you looking for a PowerPoint add-in for Mac that will help you ensure a consistent corporate design across all presentations? Good corporate design helps to recognize and remember your brand better. So your brand should always be presented consistently in every presentation as well as in all your other communications. The PowerPoint add-in empower® Slides for macOS offers a design check that checks presentations for compliance with design guidelines and converts old presentations to the current corporate design. In this article, we will show you how to ensure a consistent design in all your PowerPoint presentations on the Mac with just a few clicks.

Are you looking for a PowerPoint add-in for macOS that will help with a consistent corporate design in presentations?

Often design guidelines must be opened in PDFs or other documents to see which colors, fonts, spacing, or design elements should be used. This is very tedious and usually, there is no time or motivation for this work. Also, it is never practical to determine if all presentations of a company follow the same design. So it can easily happen that presentations do not look consistent and therefore seem unprofessional.

The empower PowerPoint add-in for Mac boosts your corporate design in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint add-in empower® Slides offers a simple solution that allows you to adapt an entire presentation to your corporate design specifications with just two mouse clicks. The Design Check checks the slide master, fonts and sizes, colors, title, bullets, workspace, and logo spacing to ensure that your PowerPoint presentation on the Mac conforms to your corporate design. And Design Check automatically corrects any discrepancies it finds.

The empower Design Check

Benefits of empower® Slides Corporate Design Check:

  • Time-saving
  • Increased motivation and acceptance among employees
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Complete functionality
  • Few clicks

Top advantage: Relief for the corporate design relaunch

Are you planning a corporate design change in your company in the near future? Or are you already in the middle of it?

Convert from old to new: PowerPoint is often extremely labor-intensive when it comes to implementing a new corporate design in templates or masters or existing presentations. A corporate design relaunch cannot be implemented "just like that". empower supports you in the transfer of slides, style elements, and presentations into the new design and considerably reduces the effort of a relaunch.

Key benefits:

  • Convert old presentations to your current design in a flash.
  • Format external content with just a few clicks so that it complies with your design guidelines.

key benefits powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design

How does the Corporate Design Check work?

1. Achieve a corporate design-compliant PowerPoint presentation on your Mac with just 2 clicks

First click: You start the design check via the Design Check button: click on "empower" in the ribbon and then on the "Design Check" icon. Now your entire presentation will be checked for design conformity.

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design in empower ribbon
If corporate design deviations are found in your PowerPoint presentation, they are listed in a sidebar on the right.

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design

Second click: Now you can click on the button “Auto-correct all errors”.

empower® Slides’ intelligent algorithms transform your PowerPoint presentation. If all items on the list have been corrected or your presentation has no deviations from the start, the Design Check let you know. Now your PowerPoint presentation on the Mac is in a perfect corporate design.

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design

2. Configure your corporate design specifications

In order to make presentations suitable for corporate design checking with just a few clicks, your corporate design specifications are embedded directly into empower® Slides. That process ensures your design information is saved directly in PowerPoint. Thus, every Office user always works with correct colors and fonts as well as templates. To be on the safe side, you can then use the Design Check to identify any violations of your corporate design that may have been overlooked in your master content.

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design requirements

View corporate design violations individually and correct them manually

Would you prefer to go through and edit all corporate design violations in detail for any reason? If you click on an error entry, the relevant slide and element will be called up automatically.

Corporate design violations are categorized according to the type of violation. You can select whether the violations are to be displayed by type or by slide. Similar violations are displayed grouped together. This allows you to easily mark all similar violations with an "X" in the heading and replace them directly by selecting the correct font color and clicking "Apply".

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design view violations

Notification for corporate design violations in PowerPoint

As soon as you open a presentation, empower scans it in the background to see if the presentation conforms to your corporate design. If it does not, then empower displays a notification directly below the PowerPoint ribbon: "This presentation does not correspond to the Corporate Design."

You can immediately start the Design Check directly via this bar: click on "Show details". Now the Design Check is carried out and all violations are listed in detail.

Other time-savers of the PowerPoint add-in for Mac that lead to more corporate design conformity in presentations

1. Slide and template Library

Are you tired of searching for presentations, documents, and images? Then you will love the empower Library: an enterprise-wide solution that lets you manage, share, and update all your content directly in MS Office. You do not need to learn any new applications. The empower Slide Library is integrated with PowerPoint and provides direct access to all PowerPoint content, including slides, slide sets, presentations, master templates, images, icons, charts, tables, text elements, SmartArt graphics, and videos. With just a few clicks, users can insert content from the library directly into PowerPoint.

powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design slide and template library

You can put together design-compliant slides with ready-made content in no time at all, instead of using outdated documents and presentations.

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2. Font and color selection

The empower font and color selection is embedded in your corporate design, so users can only use design-compliant fonts and colors. Color selectors can be set for texts, object fills, and line colors. Multiple brand designs can be defined.
powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design font color selection

3. DAM integration

With the integration of your DAM system, all users can access all images directly in Microsoft PowerPoint via empower® and insert them into their Office documents with one click. If desired, update messages and license expiry dates can also be implemented. When a user clicks on an image placeholder in PowerPoint, they can use the right sidebar in empower to search directly for all images from the Adobe DAM and insert them at the click of a button.

DAM integration powerpoint add in macOS Corporate Design

For example, you can integrate a database for royalty-free images directly into PowerPoint. Our Unsplash integration is available upon request. Read some more about free stock photo sources, free icons and video animations to elevate your PowerPoint presentation. 

You can find out more about empower for macOS in our article:
empower: The PowerPoint add-in for macOS

Get to know and test empower® now

With the popular empower Design Check for PowerPoint on the Mac, you can avoid this major failure. Our PowerPoint add-in for Mac increases productivity with PowerPoint with the integrated Corporate Design Check and many other functions. Efficiency in company-wide implementation of and adherence to your corporate design in PowerPoint presentations is only one solution empower® Slides offers. On our website, you can learn more about our PowerPoint add-in empower Slides. You also can speak directly with our experts or request a demo version of empower®.

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