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Successful rebranding with empower®

Your new brand in Microsoft Office in just a few clicks

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With more than 2.5 million users, empower® is the most used software suite for Microsoft Office.


Major stumbling blocks jeopardize rebranding

The decision has been made and you want to give your brand a new image? Implementation can be a major challenge for any company and a decisive factor in its success. In Microsoft Office, all existing documents, presentations, and e-mail signatures must be updated to the new design. Without assistance, this is a lengthy process that can quickly frustrate all Office users in the company and jeopardize the success of the rebranding.

Template library

Old templates & signatures are used

Once the design is agreed, it needs to be communicated and deployed the new Office templates. Both those tasks can be very challenging in a large organization. Frequently, outdated templates and signatures are used for a long time, which reduces the success of the rebranding.

Signature customizing

Incorrect implementation of the new design guidelines

Rebranding brings with it many new requirements for the creation of documents and emails. Especially in the beginning, people implement it incorrectly. The brand cannot shine in the new design as desired.

from old to new design

Laborious upgrading of old documents

The effort of a rebranding in Microsoft Office should not be underestimated. According to our Office study, 58% of documents are created based on existing ones. When the design changes from one day to the next, the transition quickly becomes a major stress factor for all Office users in the company.

How to make your rebranding in Microsoft Office a success

Template Library

Deploy templates & brand assets

Make new templates and brand assets such as images and icons available company-wide with one click. All colleagues can access the new content directly in Microsoft Office.

Template library
update signatures automatically

Update signatures automatically

Automatically update all email signatures across the organization and ensure that all legally relevant and up-to-date information is used.

Convert From Old To New

Apply design with one click

Empower all colleagues to apply your new design with one click. Font and color pickers translate your new design guidelines into Office. Enable easy implementation and ensure rebranding success!

from old to new design

Merck success story

During Merck’s rebranding process, more than 65,000 users successfully converted all presentations to the new design thanks to empower®.

3 reasons empower® made it easy: 

  • Intuitive tool that users quickly learned and adopted 
  • Users saved time when applying the new design
  • The new design was ensured in all presentations
Brand Management within template library


Manage and update all templates and content across the enterprise

Font & Color picker

Font & color pickers

Font and color pickers adapted to your corporate design

Design Check

Design Check

Check Office documents and apply corporate design automatically

from old to new design

Apply design

Update outdated documents to a new design with one click



All images from your DAM system directly available in Office

Email Signatures

Email signatures

Manage and update email signatures across the enterprise

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empower® makes working with Microsoft Office easier, more efficient and brand compliant.

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