Chrome Enterprise Premium: a tipping point in the browser market?

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June 18, 2024

Google Chrome is a giant in the browser market. With a global market share of 64.86%, a wide range of features, and continuous updates, Chrome has changed the way people browse the web, and also set the standard for web browsers.

In April 2024, Google introduced Chrome Enterprise Premium. Here’s what’s behind it and how it differs from classic Chrome.

Google Chrome vs. Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome is the standard version of the browser for general use. It’s free and available to both individuals and businesses. It provides basic web browsing features such as managing tabs, bookmarks, extensions, and integration with other Google services.

Chrome Enterprise is a version of Google Chrome designed specifically for the enterprise. It includes additional features and tools to help organizations more efficiently manage, secure, and customize the browser in corporate environments. The premium version also delivers additional benefits discussed later in this article. Chrome Enterprise’s advanced management tools enable IT administrators to set security, privacy, and usage policies. These include policies for password management, extension installation, and website access control.

In addition, Chrome Enterprise integrates with several enterprise systems and services, including Active Directory, Microsoft System Center, and other enterprise management platforms. Organizations can seamlessly integrate and manage the browser within their existing IT infrastructure.

Chrome Enterprise offers advanced security features tailored to the needs of enterprises. These include malware sandboxing technologies, automatic security patch updates, and advanced encryption options. All of those are beneficial because businesses are prime targets for cyber attacks.

According to Gartner, enterprise browsers will continue to grow in importance, with Microsoft and Google likely to dominates the market.

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Introducing Chrome Enterprise Premium

As part of the digital workplace and the growing importance of remote work, browsers must also meet security and compliance requirements.

With the introduction of Enterprise Premium, the original version was renamed and is now called Chrome Enterprise Core.

The benefits of the new premium version are particularly relevant to endpoint security, which is increasingly important due to remote working. Specific features of Chrome Enterprise Premium include:

  • Enterprise controls to enforce policies and manage software updates (so you always comply with your corporate policies)
  • Security insights and reports (which can also be linked to other Google applications, such as Google Slides, as well as third parties)
  • Malware deep screening
  • Context-aware access controls (strengthening zero-trust security)

This is a premium version, so it’s not free. To use Chrome Enterprise Premium, enterprise customers must pay a fee of $6 per user per month.

Is Chrome Enterprise Premium worth it?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. If most of your employees work remotely, Chrome Enterprise Premium may be worth the investment in additional security measures. But even in this case, you should first determine how much Chrome will be used in your organization, and whether and how quickly it will pay for itself.

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