Online survey with Microsoft Forms

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January 5, 2019

Since 2016, Microsoft has enabled the simple creation of online forms for surveys, quiz questionnaires and exam questions with “Microsoft Forms”. In this way, employee satisfaction or customer feedback can be obtained. This helps your company to improve products or business processes and to simplify the organization.

The big advantage is that the program is so simple that you can create a survey intuitively. For the a survey not only internal Office 365 users can be invited, because also non-Microsoft-users are required to participate. In Microsoft Forms, authors can set the settings so that users outside their organization can respond to their survey or review. In this case, users submit their responses anonymously. If you want to see who completed your survey or exam, you can ask respondents to enter their names in the questionnaire as part of the survey.

The evaluation of a Forms is also interesting. Forms creates a chart after each question to break down the answers. Individual results can also be viewed to see individual details for each responder. In the detail view, you can also see all responders and their responses at a glance. If this is not enough, the survey can also be transferred to Excel.

We at empower® have been using Microsoft Forms for over a year now and we have been convinced by the tool. Everything that has to be decided by the whole team happens via Forms. The vote of the next team event is just in process. We also use Forms externally. We regularly obtain customer feedback through this and constantly conduct smaller or larger surveys.

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