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Switch from Google Slides to PowerPoint with empower®

June 28, 2022

Professionals in many fields create presentations every day. Google Slides and Microsoft’s PowerPoint are the most common presentation applications. Google Slides – a free service that does not need to be installed – is an attractive choice especially for private and infrequent users. Upgrading to highly professional presentations, on the other hand, usually leads to PowerPoint since Microsoft offers a greater range of functions and works both online and offline. And tools such as empower® integrate directly into PowerPoint, making it significantly easier to create professional presentations.

What makes good presentation software?

Presentations are used in many ways in everyday work. They are used to pitch ideas, explain plans, convince investors, and illustrate data. As versatile as presentations are, they all need proper structure and formatting. A program that supports the creation of your presentations must be flexible and adaptable, easy to use, and versatile.

You should consider some basic criteria when choosing an app to create your presentations. Ideally, your presentation software, such as Google Slides or PowerPoint, will support you. What criteria should presentation creation software meet for your organization?

Adhere to corporate design

Coherent presentation of the company’s corporate identity is essential for every presentation. Colors, fonts, and formatting specifications should be consistent on every slide.

The out-of-the-box default formatting in presentation software can become an obstacle. If the default settings must be changed and adjusted on every slide, that extra time-consuming work is prone to errors. The impact of inconsistent formatting or even an incorrect color scheme is usually underestimated. Design elements are of vital importance for the aesthetics, the professionalism, and ultimately the persuasiveness of the presentation.

Errors and irregularities in implementing corporate design must be avoided at all costs to ensure the success of the presentation and, with it, the entire company.

slides switch to ppt design

Insert content correctly

Presentations quickly convey the most relevant data and facts on their core topic and support talks with easy-to-understand visual elements. So it is essential that the content is up-to-date and error-free.

When content is created from scratch, the software must enable building the presentation quickly and easily. Creation should be time-efficient, fit into the overall picture from a design point of view, and be easy to edit afterwards. Tables, charts, and SmartArt are particularly difficult to get right.
When re-using existing content, it should be possible to insert it into the presentation with as few clicks as possible. Copy-pasting manually often introduces careless mistakes and transcription errors. To distorting the data in the presentation and degrading the overall impression, the software should offer functions to prevent such problems.

Efficient work

In many companies, creating presentations is a time-consuming task that takes focus away from other activities. Formatting, compiling, and editing slides often takes much more time than planning the content. In fact, the large office study commissioned by empower® found a 30% time savings when these steps are eliminated. How annoying is it when the work on the presentation eats up more time than the conception of the actual presentation? The presentation should be a tool to support, not disrupt the workflow. That is why presentation software must enable efficient work instead of hindering it.

What kinds of functions does empower® bring to PowerPoint?

PowerPoint serves as the basis for efficient creation of presentations. Especially when it comes to creating graphics and content, even the standard version of the Microsoft application offers a wide range of templates and helpful tools.

To get the best out of presentations, use the empower® Slides add-in for PowerPoint. empower® Slides expands the scope of PowerPoint with numerous functions that massively facilitate creating meaningful and consistent presentations in a professional environment.

Design Check

The empower® Design Check examines slides for compliance with your corporate design. It marks deviations and errors that you can correct with one click. You avoid design and formatting mistakes with minimal effort. Uniformity of all slides and presentations is ensured and supports a consistent corporate identity. You no longer worry about compliance with corporate design and can work faster and more efficiently.

Slide library and DAM integration

To further simplify creating a presentation, empower® Slides offers a central slide library in PowerPoint. Here, slide templates are managed and accessed quickly and clearly. Every presentation can be created based on centrally managed templates. New content is created more seamlessly. Combined with the wide range of possibilities of SmartArt, charts, and graphics in PowerPoint, you can achieve optimal results in your presentations. Fewer formatting steps make work more efficient.

Similarly, you can integrate your DAM system with empower® Slides. Existing content such as images and icons can be accessed directly in PowerPoint and inserted into a presentation with just one click. That saves a huge amount of time and labor searching for content across various systems.

switch to ppt time saving

Automatic formatting

Many steps in formatting and adjusting individual slides are eliminated with the layout tools in empower® Slides. Overall time savings of up to 20% can be achieved when creating a presentation.
Formatting updates can be distributed quickly and centrally. Document automation with empower® Slides goes even further. It takes over many manual repetitive steps when creating many sorts of documents, such as offer presentations. This automation is tailored to the individual needs of each company, saving time and preventing careless errors.

The shift from Google Slides to PowerPoint

Google Slides serves as a solid basic presentation creation tool for many companies. However, the more demands a presentation must meet, the more workload increases. If corporate design, format specifications and content must be implemented on each slide individually, that eats up a lot of time. Switching to PowerPoint can generate positive ROI due to efficiency and simplicity.

With empower® creating presentations in PowerPoint is easy, consistent, and efficient. empower® can be customized for the particular requirements of your company. Working with you, we develop a master for PowerPoint that addresses all your design requirements. Your color and font specifications are integrated directly into PowerPoint via font and color pickers. Your existing presentations can be easily upgraded with empower®.
The application of a new corporate design or even smaller changes is quick and hassle-free. We make converting to PowerPoint and empower® Slides a piece of cake.
For more information and individual solutions please contact us.

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