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Present to Succeed - conference for effective presentations

Theresa Spiller
January 28, 2021

We are pleased to announce that empower® is one of the sponsors of the online conference Present to Succeed. In addition, empower® founder Stephan Kuhnert will be a speaker at the conference. During Present to Succeed you will learn everything you need to know for successful presenting in 3 days. You can save an additional 20% with our promo code.  

empower® as sponsor and speaker at Present to Succeed conference   

January Present to Succeed 2

Don't miss the presentation "PowerPoint on Steroids: How to create stunning presentations in less time" by empower® co-founder Stephan Kuhnert.  Stephan will talk about impressive findings from the recent Office Study conducted by empower® and Nielsen - for example, more than 53% of all PowerPoint presentations do not comply with corporate design. He will also show how to create impressive presentations in less time with empower®.  


  • Date of the event: April 15 - 17, 2021 (time zone: CET / Central European). 
  • More than 5,000 participants from different industries 
  • More than 30 speakers 
  • More than 20 presentations 
  • 4 masterclasses 
  • Desktop & mobile access 

Get your ticket 

We will give you a promo code for the Present to Succeed conference. This will save you 20% on your ticket (masterclasses not included). 

Promocode: empower20 

Click here for tickets for Present to Succeed.

present to succeed

Masterclasses and lectures for everyone who wants to inspire with presentations

Learn from the best presenters in the world and get practical tips, tricks and expert strategies on how to give a truly effective presentation. Experts and top names in the presentation industry are on the lineup at Present to Succeed. The four masterclasses have a limited number of seats. But it is worth grabbing them, because in the masterclasses you will gain in-depth knowledge about:   

  • emotions in the eyes and ears of the listener 
  • the power of a well-built template 
  • the most common mistakes in presenting data 
  • the function of storytelling and what neuroscience tells us about it  


Benefit from the Present to Succeed Conference 

  1. networking with businesspeople from all over the world 
    Meet, chat, and network privately with some of the best presentation experts in the world and more than 5,000 business professionals who, like you, want to improve. 
  2. learning how to create really effective presentations 
    Attend in-depth masterclasses or join sessions for practical tips and tricks, hands-on demos, and expert strategies.
  3. winning attention for your company 
    Generate interest in your services and products from people around the world. Forge meaningful and lasting connections with experts, managers, and executives from every industry. 

3 perfectly planned event days 

What would you like to take away from the event and what topics are you particularly interested in? The online conference is spread over 3 days. It kicks off with the four masterclasses on the first day (places are limited). All presentations on Story and Design will take place on April 16. and all presentations on Delivery and Tools will take place on April 17. Let us create an offer for all 3 days that fits your goals. 

For more information visit Present to Succeed online. 

effective presentation


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