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3 steps to a strong corporate branding

Til Streitbörger
December 12, 2019

Corporate branding deals with questions such as: What should my brand actually represent? What should it be associated with in the minds of the customers? A brand should trigger something, be perceptible. This doesn't just include an attractive design or appealing packaging. Corporate branding goes beyond that. A brand should trigger emotions, preferably even an attitude to life. Customuers build an emotional bond to brands that remain in their minds unconsciously, which leads to the brand being bought again and again.

How does your company succeed in this step? In this article you will learn what makes an efficient corporate branding and how to build a strong brand in just 3 steps.


Corporate branding definition

Corporate branding refers to the process of trying to establish the entire company as a brand. In this process, specific characteristics of the company need to be crystallized, which ensure that the company remains in the memories of the consumers as a brand. This process is a constant process, because the own principles and their realization must be questioned repeatedly and thereby adapted again and again. Corporate branding is also regarded as a further development of corporate identity.


This is why corporate branding is important:

Companies have the opportunity to make a name for themselves, apart from merely their products. They should make use of the potential that lies in customers building an unconscious emotional relationship to a company if they agree with its values and philosophy of the company. Corporate design is also important. This ensures that customers keep in mind an image an image  and they  remember the brand more quickly.

Corporate branding is becoming increasingly important, especially in times of abundance like today. Because it is important to present the company as a whole in order to show that it addresses current social issues. The topics of sustainability and diversity in particular are currently very much in demand as topics that should be reflected in the corporate branding of a company.


Studies also prove the importance of corporate branding:

A study conducted by the Customer Thermometer surveyed 1.000 people in this USA. In the survey, 65% of respondents said that they had built up an emotional connection to a brand. 59% declared that they preferred to buy new products from brands they are familiar with. And sales also benefit from this. The Forbes Magazine confirms that sales increase by 23% on average. A clear sign of the importance of corporate branding.


These 3 steps equip you with a strong corporate branding:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Employer branding
  3. Uniformity corporate branding

corporate branding


Brand strategy

Determine what your brand should be associated with in the minds of your customers. It is important to note that your brand identity is not just a mere wish. The philosophy and values of your company should not contradict the actual internal processes. Concentrate on the emotions that should be triggered by your brand. In addition, you must determine which intention is behind your brand.

If you manage to clearly highlight the values, intentions and emotions, you have formed a stable basis for a successful brand strategy. However, remember that this process should also be in a state of constant change.


Employer branding

Companies have to differentiate between internal and external image building. Opening up is the core of the issue. Here, a rethinking must take place and the image must be understood in such a way that each employee is responsible for it,  identifies with the image and acts accordingly. After all, every action taken by an employee has a formative influence on corporate branding. A strong employer brand helps you to recruit new employees. If your brand enjoys high internal recognition and emotional loyalty, it is highly likely to attract new employees.



Your brand must be presented in the same way on every channel. If this is not the case, your brand will quickly appear inconsistent and unprofessional. A prerequisite for a strong corporate branding is a uniform brand presentation. Because only if the brand is presented equally well everywhere can a positive image of your brand be anchored in the minds of the general public. Corporate design is an important topic here. The most forgotten medium in this context  is Microsoft Office. Because even in presentations your brand should always be presented in the same and consistent way.


Thus, empower® slides can support you with a uniform brand presentation:

Corporate design is an essential building block for brand perception. We have developed a Power-Point add-in called empower® slides . With empower® slides you can ensure a brand-compliant design in PowerPoint. One function of the add-in is the integrated Corporate Design Check. For example, it can check every slide with regard to the corporate design. Even obsolete presentations can be easily transferred into a new design with the help of empower® slides. Learn more about empower® slides.


Corporate Design Success Factors

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