Finally, a cost-effective think-cell® alternative is here at last!

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October 23, 2017

The time is here: today we proudly present the think-cell®1 alternative empower® for PowerPoint Charts! The newest addition to the empower® family: Our add-in makes creating sophisticated PowerPoint charts such as Gantt and waterfall charts easy, uniform and efficient.

Get to know the low cost think-cell® alternative

You may be asking yourself why introduce a new product to a market that already has an established solution with think-cell®. The answer is simple: we eagerly listened to what our clients had to say. 

Save up to 50% on costs with think-cell® alternative

We have developed a streamlined think-cell® alternative in close cooperation with our innovation partners. Depending on the amount of licences, empower® Charts is priced up to 50% lower. Our charting tool also entices with a modern interface, ease of use, and corporate design compliance. Lead-off clients who have already transitioned to empower® for PowerPoint Charts confirm that they consider empower® to be an efficient think-cell® alternative.

empower Charts: Save 50% on licence costs with our alternative to think-cell

cost effective think cell alternative

8 advantages of the think-cell® alternative empower®:

  1. cost-effective think-cell® alternativeCreate complex charts fast and easy

    You can create charts extremely fast with empower®, e.g. 1:40 min for a bar chart. 

  2. cost-effective think-cell® alternative All important charting features and more 

    empower® convinces with an intuitive and modern design. This makes familiarization a breeze and diagrams can often be created with only a few clicks and mouse movements.

  3. cost-effective think-cell® alternative Each chart in your corporate design

    With empower® for PowerPoint Charts, all new and existing charts comply with your corporate design at the push of a button. In sum, you save a lot of time because the right colors, fonts or sizes are already set according to your corporate design.

  4. cost-effective think-cell® alternativeempower® has 3 million users

    With over 3,000,000 users, empower® is one of the most used Microsoft Office software solutions..

  5.  cost-effective think-cell® alternative  empower® goes hand in hand with Microsoft

    empower® guarantees its users that the add-in is always compatible with the latest Microsoft versions and updates. For this reason, the think-cell® alternative is Office 365 optimized. 

  6. cost-effective think-cell® alternative Users receive first-class support

    User satisfaction is particularly important to empower®, for this reason user satisfaction is measured regularly and suggestions for improvement are recorded and processed. Your wishes, criticisms and suggestions are our fuel to develop a software that is exactly tailored to your needs. Walk this path with us - we look forward to many exciting conversations with you!

  7. cost-effective think-cell® alternative Easily convert existing think-cell® charts

    Just one click and one or more think-cell® diagrams are converted into empower® diagrams and immediately correspond to your corporate design.

  8. cost-effective think-cell® alternative empower® offers more features to boost productivity!

    Other Office applications can also be enhanced by empower® products and solutions. Our Content Creation Solution includes many tools to create charts easier and faster. It also takes all the work you would usually spend on formatting and adhering to your corporate design out of your hands.

Try the think-cell® alternative for free


You can test the think-cell® alternative from empower® for free at any time. Why not see for yourself and visit our website to get acquainted with empower® for PowerPoint Charts feature details and pricing. The modern PowerPoint add-in ensures perfect charts in no time.

We also summarized 10 exciting facts about think-cell® vs empower® Charts

Brand compliance whitepaper

1 think-cell® is a registered trademark of think-cell Software GmbH.

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