How to import web data into Excel as chart

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May 26, 2015

Excel offers the possibility to insert and update external data (e.g. from websites) in the form of tables. This way you can keep an eye on current statistics or exchange rates in Excel and use them in your own evaluations and formulas.

From website to excel chart in 4 steps

In the following instructions, we will insert the current Euro exchange rates from the European Central Bank website into Excel. If you import a chart with a lot of zero values, you can hide them to have a better overview.

1. Go to “Data” in the Excel menu and click on “From Web”.

insert web data into excel as chart import from internet

We are looking to insert the data from this chart from the European Central Bank into our Excel sheet.

import web data into excel as chart

2. Insert the URL from which you would like to import your data. Click “OK”

import web data into excel as chart insert URL

3. Select a display option in the opening navigator.

insert web data into excel as chart choose display option

Click “Load”. The chart will open in your Excel sheet.

insert web data into excel as chart load table

To refresh the data, go to the excel menu and “Data” tab once more. Click “Refresh All” and then select “Refresh All” once more. If you have linked this Excel chart to a PowerPoint diagram, it will also refresh accordingly.

refresh web imported data in excel

Importing web data into Excel is a great way to save time at work. You no longer have to adjust your data manually if there are any changes. 

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