Document creation in financial companies

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November 14, 2022

Do you know how many documents you create in finance every day? How much time do you and your team spend creating and managing the same reporting over and over again?
empower® helps people in finance to create financial documents efficiently while reducing workload significantly.

Content creation

Creating new content can be a challenge, especially in a numbers-based work environment where precision, timeliness, and accuracy are critical. It’s essential not to lose focus due to time-consuming formatting, and instead stay focused entirely on actual content.

For example, to create charts for financial planning and monitoring in a time-efficient, design-compliant, and correct manner it makes sense to automate creation of complex charts. Our empower® Chart Creation solution enables you to create comprehensive data visualizations like Gantt charts or waterfall diagrams quickly and easily. You can also compile headers for your sheets.
Furthermore, empower® offers additional productivity tools for designing diagrams. Do you want to highlight the key message, such as absolute growth or a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)? Or visually shorten data breakouts with breaks to better compare smaller values? empower® does all that and more with just a few clicks.

A chart or a report in PowerPoint that you create with empower® benefits from automatic compliance with corporate design – and you can confirm compliance any time with the empower® Design Check.

It’s even easier with design-compliant chart templates for your financial documents. Built-in design compliance saves time and resources. And you can link your charts with Excel files. That way, only the Excel information needs to get updated and the corresponding charts in PowerPoint automatically adjust. Transmission errors are eliminated.

Content Creation for finance

Content Enablement

Highly data- and number-based documents are a daily work product in finance departments. Careless errors when transferring data sets can result in gross miscalculations or even wrong decisions. Financial planning, profitability calculations, and financial requirement plans must be just as accurate as in financial controlling, monitoring of operational cash flows, and maintenance of monthly reporting.

The empower® Content Enablement solution saves considerable resources by automating the document creation process. Individual templates for your financial documents can be linked to your data sources so that only one form needs to be filled out before the desired document is automatically compiled. This is particularly useful for invoices, form letters, and management and KPI reports or presentations. Even contracts can be automated with document automation by empower®. This minimizes the amount of work and the susceptibility to errors when compiling complex documents.

Once you’ve selected and connected a record, select the desired template, for example, a contract template, and then simply click “Create”. In a few moments, you'll receive the finished contract as a Word or PowerPoint file so you can send the contract directly or edit it as you wish. Of course, all intermediate revisions are saved and your work is continually backed up.

Document automation also helps in reporting, saving time for analysis and other more important activities. Redundant transfer and compilation of texts, graphics, and Excel data in PowerPoint reports happens automatically. This eliminates a nerve-racking and error-prone task and allows people to focus on the essential content of the report.

Document Automation for finance

The situation is similar in accounting. Compiling invoice and product details is fully automated. This saves tedious double maintenance of lists or Excel tables. The solution also helps with sales-related questions when offers must be created or sales presentations have to be compiled under time pressure. Document automation will save you from last-minute stress and deadline pressure.


Of course, you want to continue benefitting from your other data systems. Integrating document automation with your PIM, ERP, CRM, or DAM system streamlines workflows and ensures data accuracy. That’s why empower® is compatible with all systems, including SAP and Salesforce.

empower® for financial companies

Every company has individual requirements. Do you want to create your financial documents faster and, above all, error-free? empower® enables Chart Creation and Content Enablement entirely tailored to your needs. Design-compliant templates that automate your financial documents can be created and extended individually for you. You get exactly the solution your company needs.

If you’d like to use empower® for your business or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Document Automation Whitepaper

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