empower®: The PowerPoint add-in for macOS

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November 10, 2020

Since September 2020 you can now enjoy the advantages of the PowerPoint Add-in empower® with macOS. In our video, we present empower® Slides for macOS. Learn how to use features such as an integrated slide library and how to insert PowerPoint content, including slides, slide sets, presentations, master templates, images, symbols, diagrams, tables, text elements, SmartArt graphics, and videos. In this video, we take a closer look at some of the features of empower® slides.

How to use the PowerPoint Add-in with macOS


Which functions does the PowerPoint Add-in include for macOS?

empower® Slides for macOS includes many functions that it also offers in the Windows version. For example, you can create brand-compliant presentations in no time at all. 

PowerPoint Add-in macOS

When you open PowerPoint, the empower® ribbon also opens and displays the following functions:

  • Company-wide Slide Library
  • Automatic notifications about slide updates
  • Uncomplicated insertion of approved company images using image placeholders
  • Integrated diagram templates, tables, icons, text elements, etc.
  • Master templates
  • Google-like search within the Library
  • Language filter for the Slide Library
  • Offline availability
  • Rights management for the Library
  • Design Check for compliance with corporate design

Master templates for presentations

When starting PowerPoint, the Add-in empower® automatically opens the latest company master template. However, if you need a different template, simply click on "new" and select another one.

PowerPoint Add-in macOS master templates


Simple insertion of company images (image placeholder)

To insert an image, click on the image button in the empower® ribbon and select from the images provided by your marketing department. You will find images that have been optimized for quality and size and released within the scope of the approved corporate design.

PowerPoint Add-in macOS insert images


Slide Library

You have access to the integrated empower® Library, which allows you to build your presentation with existing slides. Click on Library in the PowerPoint ribbon and browse through the folders to find the slides you need. empower® also allows you to manage multiple language versions of a slide or presentation using language filters.
slide library PowerPoint Add-in macOS
slide library PowerPoint Add-in macOS


Google-like search function

You can use the Google-like search to find the content you want. Just enter your search term and empower® will perform a full-text search. empower® searches the entire content of each element (including slides, images, tables, etc.). All search results are sorted by relevance so you always see the best search result at the top.

PowerPoint Add-in macOS


Offline availability

empower® synchronizes either the entire library or selected folders on your computer or laptop, allowing you to access the content offline. For example, if you want to upload multiple slides to the library, you do not need to upload the slides only when you’re online. You can save them directly in PowerPoint in the empower® Slide Library and empower® will synchronize them for you the next time you go online.

Automatic update notification

Imagine you create a presentation with empower® and use several slides from the library that represent your company. A few months later you need a similar presentation. You decide to reuse your previously created presentation to save time. But how do you know if the company slides you use from the empower® Library are still up-to-date? Instead of having to check each slide manually, empower® automatically notifies you when updates are available when you open the old presentation. You can then choose whether you want to accept these changes or not.
PowerPoint Add-in macOS update notification


Even more advantages of the PowerPoint add-in empower® Slides for macOS

empower slides offers even more features that you will find very useful. If you would like more information about the PowerPoint add-in for macOS, please visit our empower® Slides page.
Our customer service will support you for free and provide you with a test version configured for you. Start now with empower® on your Mac device.

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