Show worldwide holidays in your Outlook calendar

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March 13, 2015

Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter - some holidays are easy to keep track of. Others, which take place on a different date each year, are a little trickier to keep on top of. It gets even more confusing if your company operates internationally and you need to take holidays from other countries into consideration as well. Did you know that Outlook has a solution for that?

Outlook can add holidays of many countries to your calendar

Whether the United States of America, Vietnam, Puerto Rico or Norway - Outlook can add the public holidays of these and many other countries to your Outlook calendar. This is a widely unknown Outlook feature but comes especially handy for internationally operating brands and businesses because this way you always know when which colleagues might not be available.


This is how you enter other countries’ public holidays into your Outlook calendar

  1. Open Outlook „Options“ by clicking “File” on the upper left.
    global Public holidays outlook calendar
  2. Switch to the "Calendar" settings and click "Add holidays..." under "Calendar options".
    global Public holidays outlook calendar options
  3. Click on the "Add holidays" option. Now you can select one or more countries from the drop-down list. After confirming with "OK" Outlook enters the holidays for the selected countries into your calendar.
    global Public holidays outlook calendar choose country

Result: The Outlook calendar will show you all the public holidays of the countries you picked.

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